Tax Reform Proposals to be Kept Secret for 50 Years

Monday, July 29, 2013

Congress is undertaking broad reform of the tax code—potentially to the tune of trillions of dollars.

As they do so, Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch have guaranteed lawmakers that any suggestions they make, to save loopholes, for example, will remain secret. All records of suggestion will be stored under lock and key in a National Archives vault for the next 50 years.

Friday was the deadline for submitting written proposals.

Takeaway Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich joins us to discuss why lawmakers want to keep this information under wraps.

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Todd Zwillich

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SeparateChurch AndState from USA

Be afraid! Be very afraid of Utah Senator Orin Hatch, the wolf in sheep's clothing. It is not surprising that evasive, unaccountable, sworn to secrecy, and buzzword, LDS/Mormon faithful Utah Senator Orin Hatch would try to bring Utah style closed door politics (HB 477) to the White House. Try getting access to all records of the I-15 Construction project especially the bidding process in Utah prior to the controversial 2002 Winter Olympics or all records to the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). Just to name a few. The requirement of needing a court order to have access to public records really sets a very dangerous precedent for all citizens of this free nation. What I find most ironic about Utah Senator Orin Hatch leading this effort is that watchdog groups have for many, many, many years declared Republican Utah Senator Hatch one of the largest recipients of Political Action Committee (PAC) monies. If there is anyone who has obligations to special interest groups that would be Utah Senator Hatch. That is probably why he wants to keep everything a secret, so the interest groups cannot learn how he had betrayed them - he took their money and ran. It would also be interesting to learn how many LDS/Mormon church callings/assignments he has received since holding his government position. Speaking of earmarks the Tea Party tried fiercely to oust the long standing senator of 30+ years, who won his first Utah campaign based on the very vocal platform of term limits. Another irony since the 2012 presidential election is that LDS/Mormon Hatch who prides himself in not letting alcohol touch his lips is working the distilled spirits (and wine?) producers for campaign monies for the upcoming elections - to see that the candidates he thinks should be in office will be elected into office. How did this guy ever become a leader of the Ethic Committee???

Jul. 30 2013 10:47 AM

Because our nation is a country "of the people, by the people and for the people, 'All records of suggestion on tax reform in the Senate will be stored under lock and key in a National Archives vault for the next 50 years.'

Jul. 29 2013 09:13 AM

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