Congress Rejects Effort to Curb NSA Surveillance | Restoring Faith in the Economy | A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia Care

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Congress Rejects Effort to Curb NSA Surveillance | Restoring Faith in the Economy | Former FISA Judge Proposes a Better Surveillance Court | The Heart Over the Head: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia Care | Obama's Economic Address | Matthew Bevin Challenges Minority Leader McConnell in Kentucky | When Caregiving Becomes Everything

Congress Rejects Effort to Curb NSA Surveillance

On Wednesday, Congress took up a controversial amendment designed to curb the NSA’s powers, but the bill was defeated in the House of Representatives in a vote of 205-to-217. The legislation would have limited the agency's ability to collect details by cutting funding to the program. Republican Congressman David Schweikert, representing Arizona’s 6th District was one of the bill’s supporters. He joins The Takeaway to discuss his support for the legislation and what the possible next steps may be.

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Ex-FISA Judge Proposes a Better Surveillance Court

The revelations of NSA mass surveillance projects by Edward Snowden last month, which were authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, raised the question of legitimacy for this secret court that oversees intelligence activities. James Carr is currently a senior federal judge for the northern district of Ohio. He served on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court from 2002 to 2008 and joins The Takeaway to discuss the history of the FISA court and possible solutions to make it work better.



What Would Restore Your Faith in the American Economy?

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin reported that profits have gone up 10 percent this year, but some defense department contracted workers are still on furloughs due to the sequester, which is impacting their paychecks. Joining the program is Dave Gassett, a mechanic in Arkansas who has worked for the federal government supporting the defense department for 38 years. He has been impacted by the sequester. The Takeaway also hears from real listeners to get a sense of what they think of the economy.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's Seat Challenged

Senator Mitch McConnell has held one of Kentucky's U.S. Senate seats since 1985. He is one of the most senior members of the Senate, and has been minority leader since January 2007. This election, Louisville-based businessman and conservative Matthew Bevin is challenging long-time incumbent McConnell. WFPL political editor Phillip Bailey joins us from Louisville, Kentucky to tell us more about Bevin, and what this means for Kentucky politics.

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Obama's Economic Address

Yesterday, President Obama gave his first address, in what will be a series of major speeches centering on the economy. Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich translates the president's speech for us, including plans, intended audience, and the future of the sequester. 


The Heart Over the Head: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia Care

Over the decades, those who treat people with dementia have tried a number of methods of care to deal with symptoms, from physical exercise to drug therapy. Tena Alonzo, director of education and research at Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, Arizona is pioneering a more revolutionary approach. As part of our week-long series on caregiving, Alonzo shares how her emotional approach to dementia care is changing lives for patients.


When Caregiving Becomes Everything: How One Family Copes With the Long-Term Care of a Mother with Alzheimer's

Throughout the week, we're talking with caregivers—people who give much of their time and energy to caring for children, parents and other loved ones who need regular and ongoing assistance. In some cases, this caregiving can last weeks or months. In others, it can last well-over a decade. Such has been the experience of Bernice Osborne-Pollard, long-term caregiver to her mother Mary who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Bernice shares her story of love, caring, frustration, and overwhelming sacrifice.

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