Poor Economy Hits Younger and Older Workers

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Economy Hits Younger and Older Workers

In the current economy, both younger and older people are finding it harder to get, or keep, a job. According to BusinessWeek, only 46 percent of people aged 16 to 24 had jobs last ...

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Takeouts: Insurance, Recaps and Trials

Washington Takeout: Julie Mason, of The Washington Examiner, talks about a report by the American Health Industry Plans that says insurance premiums will rise if senate legislation ...


Hillary Clinton in Moscow

As a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton mangled Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's name during a debate a year and a half ago. Now, as Secretary of State, she is in Moscow speak...


George Soros Donates Some Green to Research Green

Over the weekend, it got a lot easier to be green ...or at least, research green energy. Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, joins us to talk about George Soros' $1...


Frontline: Afghanistan and 'Obama's War'

The photo of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima has long been an emblem of U.S. efforts in World War II; photos from My Lai still represent the Vietnam war for many. After eight years, howe...

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Military Women Show Their Might in Counterinsurgency

Proportionately, more female soldiers work in counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan than in other parts of the military. So what's behind the numbers, and how can the military bes...

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Takeouts: Republicans, Stimulus, Listener Reactions

Washington Takeout: Julie Mason of The Washington Examiner talks about bickering in the Republican party.  Business Takeout: New York Times reporter Louise Story on where the mone...

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Doing the Math on Health Care Reform Costs

The Congressional Budget Office signed off on the math in the Senate Finance Committee's health care overhaul bill, saying the legislation will reduce the deficit and save taxpayer mo...


Can al-Qaida Continue Terrorist Operation With Little Money?

President Obama continues to consult with his war advisors on Afghanistan, looking to focus efforts on the primary adversary, al-Qaida, rather than the Taliban. But now a senior U....


A Quart of Milk, a Loaf of Bread ... and Childhood Obesity?

A wave of obesity blamed (at least in part) on kids slurping cheap slushies and scarfing chips from local convenience stores has the Los Angeles City Council considering an unusual pr...

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Financial Troubles for al-Qaida

Continuing our conversation about whether or not the Obama Adminstration is looking to focus war efforts in Afghanistan on al-Qaida, rather than the Taliban, we talk with Loretta Napo...


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