Remittances to Latin American countries on the decline

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remittances to Latin American countries on the decline

Many Latin American countries depend on remittances from migrant workers who leave their home countries for financial opportunities across the globe. But according to a study done by ...

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A look at one square mile of the recession

The Takeaway is drilling down into the recession with our friend and contributor Paddy O’Connell, the host of BBC’s Broadcasting House. Paddy has been looking at how the recession is ...


Googling justice

When New York Times National Legal Correspondent John Schwartz was called for jury duty, he Googled the defendant's name because it sounded familiar. When he realized his error, he al...


Creative re-branding in dour times

In trying economic times, even the most popular brands fade away. In the UK the famous American brand Woolworth's has all but shuttered its windows, save for one store that's survived...

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AIG boss faces House firing squad today

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are busy pointing fingers in the fallout over the $165 million bailout of AIG and the executive bonuses. There's more to come today, as AIG boss Edward Liddy...


Medvedev's call for Russian military modernization echoes Cold War rhetoric

Yesterday, the Kremlin announced a massive modernization of its military, which sent Cold War shivers through the West. White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said President Medvedev’s ...


A new front in the covert war in Pakistan?

Is President Obama planning an expansion of operations in Pakistan? He very well might be. An article in today's New York Times reveals that President Obama and his national security ...


Can Obama bring the fireside chat to the 21st Century?

Today President Obama kicks off his Southern California tour. Using an old fashioned medium, he’ll be hearing from beleaguered Americans at a town hall meeting. Tomorrow night he’ll t...


Lucky no. 8: China strives to reach its growth goal

In China, the number 8 means luck. And the Chinese government has been insisting that the economy will grow no less than 8% this year, but the impact of the global economic slowdown i...


Survivor: Planet Earth

There's a polar bear meeting in Norway this week, where politicians are considering how to handle the dire predictions surrounding the fate of our arctic friend. And this meeting got ...


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