The week's agenda: Moneypalooza

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The week's agenda: Moneypalooza

Every Monday morning The Takeaway takes a look at the nation's agenda —what will drive the headlines for the week ahead? This week: The government tries to figure out how to deal with...


Iranians and Iranian-Americans react to President Obama's video address

Last Friday, President Barack Obama addressed the people of Iran in a video message on Nowruz, the Persian New Year. In his appeal, Obama paid tribute to Iranian history and culture a...


The call for a World Sanitation Day

It's the day after World Water Day, a day highlighting the issues facing countries with scarce water resources. The issue of clean water is clearly important, but Rose George, autho...

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A shooting in Oakland sparks new debate over parole

California’s parole system has long been criticized for returning parolees to overcrowded prisons for minor offenses. Reform has been in the works for years. This weekend, though, a p...


Are we torturing U.S. prisoners?

The United States holds at least 25,000 prisoners in long-term solitary confinement prisons across the country. They're called "Supermax" prisons, where prisoners are confined without...


President Obama: King of all media

He’s the first sitting president to appear on a late-night talk show. He’s been on the cover of GQ and Vanity Fair. His weekly “radio” address airs on YouTube and his emails are still...

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The latest from March Madness

We've got the latest on March Madness from Gonzaga's game-winning layup to Missouri's freshman free-throw phenom. The Takeaway is joined by Will Leitch, Contributing Editor and Column...


Comfortably numb: Love and antidepressants

It is well known that taking antidepressants can dampen your sex drive, but could they be hindering our ability to fall in love? That’s what Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fi...


War at the border

The Takeaway has been following the spillover of Mexico's drug war where the national army is battling powerful cartels from tense border towns in west Texas and Arizona to the violen...


Extreme Ice: A new NOVA film on glacial melting

When we use the metaphor of things moving at a glacial pace, our intention is to describe something progressing very slowly. Well if you were familiar with James Balog and his natur...


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