Female Veterans Navigate Male-Dominated VA System

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Female Veterans Navigate Male-Dominated VA System

More women than ever are returning home from military duty, but many Veteran Affairs centers don’t have adequate services for womens' health. We talk this morning with Ann Brown, dire...

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Takeouts: Health Care, ORU Hoops and Joe Lieberman

Washington Takeout: Todd Zwillich has the latest from Capitol Hill in the fight for health care reform. Sports Takeout: On the day after famous evangelist Oral Roberts died, Ibrahi...


Texas Program Reduces Incarcerations, Brings Rehabilitation

The rate of incarcerations in Texas is on the decline since the implementation of a new program that redirects money from the prison system to rehabilitation programs. Adam Gelb, of t...


Evangelist Oral Roberts Dies at 91

Yesterday marked the passing of well-known evangelist Oral Roberts; he was 91.  Oral Roberts made an indelible mark on evangelical Christianity, not only in his home town of Tulsa, Ok...

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Savory and Sweet Holiday Finger Foods

Every Wednesday we talk about food. In honor of everyone throwing a holiday party this year, we asked Ed Levine, founder of seriouseats.com, to give us some strategies for making aff...

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'This is Not Your Father's DOT': Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood

The federal government is on the verge of spending billions of dollars on highways and public transit projects, beginning in 2010.  Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood views this a...

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Takeouts: Misery Index, Jobs Benefits, Gay Marriage in DC

Business Takeout:  Some financial analysts over at Moody's are suggesting that it's time for a new misery index.  New York Times finance reporter Louise Story drops by the show to e...

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Guantánamo Detainees May Move to Rural Illinois

Terrorism suspects held in Guantánamo Bay may soon be on their way to a prison in rural northwestern Illinois, according to an Obama adminstration plan announced Tuesday. Illinois Gov...


The Fine Print: Mortgages

So you want to get in the real estate game while rates are low and affordable property is abundant? Before you hop on the gravy train, be wary of the fine print. As part of our weeklo...


In Romania, Remembering Revolution 20 Years On

All year long, people around the world have been recalling the events of 1989, 20 years ago, when the Soviet Empire in Europe collapsed, country after country.  They were generally kn...


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