Always Be Closing: Obama to Pitch to Congress, U.S.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Always Be Closing: Obama to Pitch to Congress, U.S.

President Obama is addressing a joint session of Congress tonight. His mission? To sell health care reform. In what may be the pitch of his presidency, President Obama hopes to jumpst...

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We'd Like to Introduce to You the DIY Beatles

Cover your ears! Starting today, legions of gamers around the country will be able to sing – and play – their own version of Beatles songs, thanks to a special edition of the game Roc...

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Afghanistan: A Reporter Freed, An Election in Question

A raid by commandoes in Afghanistan has freed captured New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell. As is standard practice, the Times did not announce that the reporter had been kidnappe...


Is Dan Brown the Savior of the Publishing World?

After four years of delay, next Tuesday will see the release of the book "The Lost Symbol," writer Dan Brown's much anticipated follow-up to the "Da Vinci Code." The novel will contin...


How Important is Local Eating in a Global World?

There are a lot of buzzwords that come up during conversations about eating responsibly: organic, local, heirloom. Those terms are typically associated with food that is good – both f...

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The President Talks to Congress, America

Tonight, the president will appear before a joint session of Congress—perhaps the grandest setting for such an event—and deliver a speech on the need for health care reform. Among tho...

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Jay-Z's Place in Hip-Hop Canon

Forbes estimates that Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z and the man behind such classic hip-hop songs as "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and "Hard Knock Life," rakes in about $82 million a...

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Supreme Court to Consider 'Hillary, the Movie'

A relatively innocuous (albeit negative) documentary on Hillary Clinton released during the 2008 election season may lead to something bigger than itself.  Today, the United States Su...


China Fights H1N1, One Politician at a Time

China will be the first country in the world to start a mass vaccination program to inoculate their citizens against the threat of H1N1, commonly known as "swine flu." Shirong Chen, t...


One Year On: The Fall of Lehman Brothers

All week long we are reviewing the year that was: the year that marked the beginning of the financial meltdown and the recession that we continue to live through. Today we are focusin...


Bill Keller on Rescued Reporter Stephen Farrell

This morning New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell was rescued by military commandos during a raid in Afghanistan. A British soldier and Farrell's translator, Sultan Munadi, were ki...


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