'The Buy Side' and Wall Street's Dark Side

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

In 1994, Turney Duff was a fresh-faced journalism graduate from Ohio University with no clear career plan.  He moved to New York and called up a rich uncle who worked at Morgan Stanley. A few phone calls later, Duff had his first job in finance, in an asset-management division of Morgan Stanley.

Over the next 15 years, Duff climbed the ranks of Wall Street, eventually acquiring a 7-figure salary as well as a cocaine addiction. He recalls his high flying days and downfall on Wall Street in a new memoir, “The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess.” 


Turney Duff

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lcubednyc from NYC

Terrific interview. Duff shows real humility.

Jun. 06 2013 05:23 PM


Jun. 06 2013 04:01 PM

You should listen to this interview again. It REALLY stank to high Heaven.

Jun. 05 2013 04:08 PM

Speaking of "spectacular excess" did the
"news" program completely ignore the
IRS hearings yesterday?


Jun. 05 2013 10:06 AM

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