Diplomatic Damage Caused by Drone Strikes, In Defense of the DSM-5, Bob Woodruff's Advice for New Grads

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Drone (US Air Force/Wikipedia Commons)

Drone Strikes and Diplomacy, from Yemen to Pakistan | National Security and the Muslim World | FBI Investigation of Man with Ties to Boston Bombing Suspect Ends in Shooting | In Defense of the DSM-5 | Wise Words for New Grads, from Bob Woodruff

Drone Strikes and Diplomacy, from Yemen to Pakistan

Today, in an address at National Defense University, President Obama will describe his administration's legal justification and framework for drone strikes and targeted killings. This follows official confirmation by Attorney General Eric Holder that four United States citizens have been killed in strikes. Micah Zenko, fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of a recent comprehensive report on drone strike policies, describes the diplomatic problems that arise from targeted killing. 


Why Closing Guantánamo Bay Might Not Enough

Today, as President Obama refocuses the nation's counter-terrorism policies, he will also address the on-going efforts to close the Guantánamo Bay detention facility. Previously, as a Human Rights Watch advocate and attorney for the Department of Justice, Jennifer Daskal argued for the facility to be closed immediately. Now, though, she says that the issue is so complicated that simply closing the facility might not be enough.

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FBI Investigation of Man with Ties to Boston Bombing Suspect Ends in Shooting

A mystifying development in the investigation of the alleged Boston Marathon bombing suspects came early Wednesday morning when an F.B.I. agent shot and killed a Chechen man named Ibragim Todashev in Orlando, Florida. Phillip Martin, Senior Investigative Reporter for The Takeaway's partner WGBH in Boston, explains Todashev's involvement with Tsnarnaevs. 


Brutal Murder of British Soldier an "Act of Terror"

It has been confirmed that the man brutally hacked to death Wednesday in London by two attackers carrying machetes was a serving British soldier. The British government says the murder was an act of terror. The concern now is whether Wednesday's assault near an army barracks could lead to more attacks.

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Wise Words for New Grads, from Bob Woodruff

It’s that time of year, when millions of students around the country sit in cap and gown, through speeches that are meant to inspire, but oftentimes, are simply forgotten. Knowing this, what can a commencement speaker say that’s worthwhile? Award-winning journalist Bob Woodruff, who gave last year's commencement address at Boston College, shares his thoughts.

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In Defense of the DSM-5

The Wall Street Journal calls the DSM-5 the “Book of Woe” and “A Manual Run Amok.” But the incoming president of the American Psychiatry Association, which revises the DSM, says the criticism is unwarranted. His name is Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, and he's also chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University.

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National Security and the Muslim World

As President Obama addresses national security issues, Hussein Rashid of Hofstra University shares his thoughts on how targeted surveillance, drone strikes and other tactics affect our relations with the Muslim world, and with Muslims here at home. 

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