American Diplomat Suspected of Espionage Detained by Russian Authorities

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Monday night, Russian authorities detained an employee of the American embassy named Ryan Christopher Fogle. They accused him of working for the CIA and trying to recruit Russian agents for espionage.

Fogle is alleged to have been found wearing a wig, carrying millions of euros, and instructions for divulging information to the U.S. via a fake email account. All the stuff of a great spy thriller.

The history of espionage between the West and Russia is long and complicated. But according to Gordon Corera, while the Cold War may be finished, espionage continues.

Gordon Corera, author of The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6, and BBC security correspondent explains.


Gordon Corera

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Did he really have 'millions' of Euros? Was he pushing a wheelbarrow?

May. 15 2013 03:09 PM
William from NYC

Your spelling of "suspected" is quite suspicious: American Diplomat Suspucted of Espionage Detained by Russian Authorities

May. 15 2013 08:42 AM
Doris from New York City (where else?)

always good to use spellcheck when involved in espionage.

May. 15 2013 07:57 AM

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