Evolution of Marijuana Culture, Future of Biking, Punk in Fashion

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

How is Marijuana Culture Changing in This Country? | What it Might Take to Reinvent the Wheel | Lessons From a Female Union Electrician | The Rise of Bike Culture | Punk Fashion: From the Streets to the Met

The Evolution of Marijuana Culture

Marijuana culture in this country is changing. There was legalization of recreational marijuana use back in November in Washington and Colorado. Medical marijuana is still legal in California. Today, we explore the different issues that weed legalization and use pose.

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The Rise of Bike Culture

In recent years, the bicycle has gone from a mode of transportation, to an object that comes with rights that cities acknowledge and cater to. For those who’ve been entrenched in the bike world over the decades, it’s been quite a journey. Charlie McCorkell is among them. He’s been biking around Manhattan since the 1960s. And in the seventies, he opened what’s become one of New York’s most popular bike shops: Bicycle Habitat, in Soho.

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Tragedy Strikes Another Garment Factory in Bangladesh

As the grim count of the dead continues to rise from that garment factory collapse last month in Bangladesh, a fire overnight in a different garment factory there killed at least 8 more people. Muhammad Yunus is an economist, founder of the Grameen Bank, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.


Punk Fashion: From the Streets to the Met

Some critics argue that the new Metropolitan Museum's exhibition on punk fashion is proof that punk is over. But if punk is everywhere, including a museum exhibit, is punk over; or has it officially won? Kelly Maxwell mulls over this question in a new piece for Bust Magazine.

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What it Might Take to Reinvent the Wheel

The bicycle may not have changed much over the years, but Kara Miller, host of WGBH’s “Innovation Hub” has been speaking with graduate students at the M.I.T Media Lab about their cutting edge ideas for transforming bikes and biking. 

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Lessons From a Female Union Electrician

Rochelle James is a proud union electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3. She is a single mom whose challenges to make life and career go smoothly sound a lot like the challenges of bank president Karen Peetz or senior tech executive Padmasree Warrior or journalist Judy Woodruff. For Rochelle James, white collar or blue collar, the lessons and the tough wisdom are all the same.

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