South Carolina Elects Ex-Governor Mark Sanford to Congress

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Only 4 years ago, former Governor Mark Sanford was embroiled in an ethics scandal stemming from his disappearance to visit his mistress in Argentina. But last night, all that seemed forgotten as he was elected to South Carolina's First Congressional District with a 10-percentage-point lead over the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Brian Hicksa political columnist for the Charleston Post and Courier, describes the circumstances that led to Sanford's comeback.


Brian Hicks

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Angel from Miami, FL

Ah, the spirit of the conservative movement finally fizzles out. Adultery, perjury, thievery, and all-out untrustworthiness is now ignored when electing a (any) person who represents the anti-societal tenets of the Grand Ole Party. Like a vestigial tail, America can keep its ruling-class serving puritanical ideology that seems to always bookmark the darkest points in our cultural history. I can still use this group when pointing out intolerance and tribalism to future generations.

May. 08 2013 10:51 AM

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