Obama Visits Mexico, Paying Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking, Is Immigration Reform Doomed?

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

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Friends of Boston Bombing Suspect Charged | Major U.S. Companies Profiting from Labor Brokers Who Drive Down Workers' Wages | Could the Failure of Gun Control Legislation Portend Failure for Immigration Reform | Obama Visits Mexico, With Focus on Trade and Immigration, Not Drugs | Paying Pregnancy Women to Quit Smoking | Can Facebook be Used to Predict and Fight Obesity?

Obama Administration Appealing Judge's Ruling on Plan B

In a move that pits the Obama administration firmly against women's reproductive health advocates, the Justice Department filed a notice to appeal a judge's decision to allow girls under 15 years old to have over-the-counter access to the morning after pill. Takeaway Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich has been following the legal and political battle.

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Obama Visits Mexico, With Focus on Trade and Immigration, Not Drugs

Since President Enrique Peña Nieto took power in December, Mexico’s agenda has shifted from fighting the drug wars to modernizing the economy. And President Obama’s administration has made it clear that during his visit to Mexico today he’ll also be focusing on the economy - as well as immigration - rather than on drug cartels.


Friends of Boston Bombing Suspect Charged

Three friends of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, have been arrested and are being charged by the F.B.I. with crimes related to covering up their friend's involvement in the bombings. Two of the men are accused of putting Tsarnaev's backpack and fireworks into a black trash bag and then tossing the items into a dumpster.

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Can Facebook be Used to Predict and Fight Obesity?

A new study suggests that people's Facebook likes are good indicators of a neighborhood’s obesity levels. Rumi Chunara, an author of the study and an instructor at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, explains her findings.

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Paying Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking

An organization in Eugene, Oregon is trying to get pregnant women to stop smoking by paying them in the form of a department store gift cards. Will it be effective? Kristian Foden-Vencil of Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.


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Major U.S. Companies Profit from Exploitative Labor Brokers

A new report by Pro-Publica and Marketplace looks at a system of Latino labor brokerage in cities across the U.S., a system which provides leading U.S. companies cheap labor whenever they need it, but leaves the workers with wages that are far below legal minimum wage.


Is America Too Familiar with Guns?

As a sophomore in high school, Bruce Holbert used to sleep in the room where his father stored several rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. This proximity to guns led to a familiarity with them. He accepted them into his life as a part of being a man. But all that changed, when he accidentally killed his friend with a service revolver, and he realized that even though he was comfortable around guns, he didn't know how to use them safely.