Gay Athletes, "Top Secret America," Sleep Deprivation and ADHD

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gay Athletes, In and Out of the Closet | "Top Secret America": How Safe Are We?  | How to Fight the Wealth Gap | From the National to the Local: Federal Investment in Urban Policy | 1979: The Birth of the Modern Age  | Sleep Deprivation or ADHD? 

Gay Athletes, In and Out of the Closet

NBA player Jason Collins publicly came out yesterday, and is being showered with attention - both good and bad - as a result. It's know how it feels to be in his position. But one person who might understand is Esera Tuaolo. Back in 2002, Tuaolo became the third former NFL player to come out. This was two years after he’d retired, and three years after he’d made it to the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons.

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ADHD or Sleep Deprivation?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder now affects 11 percent of school-aged children.  At the same time, it's been found that kids are getting at least an hour less of sleep now than they were a hundred years ago.  Vatsal Thakkar, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, argues that hyperactivity could be caused by sleep deprivation.

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How to Fight the Wealth Gap

Anne Price, Program Director for Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative evaluates a proposal made yesterday on our program by Darrick Hamilton for baby bonds as a policy intervention to help alleviate growing income inequality in the US.

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From the National to the Local: Federal Investment in Urban Policy

The Great Recession of 2007-2008 left many Americans unemployed and in debt, and yet, sociologist Patrick Sharkey notes, city crime rates have hardly changed since the 1970s. Sharkey argues that the the 2009 stimulus package allowed cities to escape many of the problems that plagued urban dwellers in the early 1980, but now that stimulus funding has ebbed, urban areas are in danger of decline. 

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'Top Secret America': How Safe Are We?

After 9/11, the Bush administration vowed to do everything in its power to prevent another attack. But more than a decade later -- and after billions of dollars have been spent on counter-terrorism efforts -- are we safer? "Top Secret America: 9/11 to the Boston Bombings," a FRONTLINE documentary airing tonight, explores this question. The documentary follows the reporting of Dana Priest, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The Washington Post.  


1979: The Birth of the Modern Age

In his new book, "Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century," journalist Christian Caryl argues that the year 1979 radically changed the course of history. As Deng Xiaoping moved Communist China to a market-based economy, the Ayatollah Khomeini emerged from exile and returned triumphantly to Iran. A young woman named Margaret Thatcher took the reins of power in Britain, while Pope John Paul II inspired millions of Polish citizens living under Communist rule.

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