That's So Miami: Finding Poetry in City Life

Monday, April 29, 2013

April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate the occasion, our friends at WLRN have been asking for local poetry that captures the texture of their city: Miami, Florida.

The contest, orchestrated in coordination with the city's biennial poetry festival, "O, Miami," has been curating poems like this one, submitted by a Miami local named Toby, over the course of the month:

Fender bender accident.

People shouting in three languages

That’s so Miami.

Scott Cunningham, co-founder of O, Miami talks about hometown pride, and finding poetry in everyday exchanges -- and listeners share the poetry that captures the heart of their cities.


Scott Cunningham

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Mythili Rao

Comments [17]

CC from Daytona Beach

Ain't got no teeth, ain't got no job,
Sold my food stamps and my bra...

Sun bleached hair and biker babes,
Leathery skin from lack of shade...

That's so Daytona!

Apr. 30 2013 10:14 AM
Carlos Pesantes from NYC

Upscale real estate, low income housing, tjhe residents all ride the subway, that is so NY

Apr. 29 2013 11:49 PM
Renee Rivera from Midtown (Hells Kitchen)

A bus, car, horse & pedicab wait side by side at a traffic light...
That's SO New York.

Apr. 29 2013 05:41 PM
Dan from Seattle

When you miss your bus stop because your head is buried in a book, and then you have to walk 4 or 5 blocks extra. So you keep reading your book while you walk.

That's so Seattle!

Apr. 29 2013 04:42 PM
Al from Brooklyn NY

A driver pulling away from the curb, without ever a rearward glance. Oblivious.
That is sooo Brooklyn.

What red light??? And so what?
That is so Brooklyn

Apr. 29 2013 04:07 PM

When you check out at the grocery super-market and 4 out of 5 people ahead of use food stamps, that's so Bronx NY... Which is why I am moving to Lake Como, Lutz, Florida.

Apr. 29 2013 03:16 PM
Matthew Kalap from Miami, Florida

get rear ended and the guy driving jumps out and runs away?... thats SO Miami

pull into the drive thru: Hola, may I take your order? thats SO Miami

hurricane on the horizon and you run down to the beach with the surfboard. thats SO Miami

saw a naked drunk man pass out on the street? thats so Key West

Apr. 29 2013 02:43 PM
Sam Artman from Portland, OR

When you can't walk 10 blocks in any neighborhood without encountering a lush and inviting public park. . .that's SO Portland.

Apr. 29 2013 01:22 PM
Gabriel from Dallas Texas

Where you can change the weather with the blink of an eye. Its so so Dallas Texas

Apr. 29 2013 01:21 PM
Chris. Y from St. Cloud, FL

boiled peanuts, Oranges and Airboats!
That's St. Cloud, FL
And if you end up lost on your way to Disney World and you find yourself in St. Cloud, be sure to stop in and see Cappy the retired Chimpanzee. Just ask around, you'll find him soon enough!! ENJOY

Apr. 29 2013 01:14 PM
Eric from San Antonio

Laptops open at the downtown taqueria
sipping luke-warm cerveza
adjacent to historical monuments to determination and fortitude
surrounded by tall, tall buildings, monuments to tourism and sloth,
with Mariachis in one ear, bagpipes in the other,
watching the riverboats float by.
That's SO San Antonio.

Apr. 29 2013 01:07 PM

"Creative Capital" haiku

[Providence's moniker is "The Creative Capital" and is home to the Industrial Trust Tower, an art-deco "skyscraper" built in 1927, known as "The Daily Planet" or Superman building.]

Streets are pot-hole filled;
Superman building looms tall:
That's so Providence!

Apr. 29 2013 12:09 PM
Karen Anderson

Creative Capital Haiku

Streets are pot-hole filled;
Superman building looms tall:
That's so Providence.

Apr. 29 2013 11:49 AM
Consuelo Chaustre from Plantation

Although last week we had the coffee week, here is my poem on coladas:
"What is this delicious smell that I sense when I go through Calle Ocho?
Can it be sancocho?
No, it smells more like java or arabiga...
Ah, I see many people carrying their little Styrofoam cups and the smaller paper ones…
I think I know what it is. But of course it is a good cup of colada, and that my friends
It’s so Miami!"

Apr. 29 2013 11:46 AM
Tere from Miami

Martha from NYC: It was indeed a Dylan Thomas rip off, er, homage:

Do Not Go Slowly Toward that Green Light

Do not go slowly toward that green light
Barrel and roar down Old Dixie Highway.
Rage, rage against the changing of the light.

Mad men at wit's end who swerve left then right
Four-letter words hurled from windows as they
Do not go slowly toward that yellow light.

Grim women with middle fingers upright
From Aventura to Palmetto Bay,
Rage, rage against the changing of the light.

Wild-eyed and weeping at every red light,
I am late and curse all drivers near me,
With apologies to Dylan Thomas:
'That's so Miami'.

Apr. 29 2013 10:17 AM
Angel from Miami, FL

"My skin is blistering like a second degree as I walk across a parking lot. But the weatherman insists it's a nice, WARM day. That's so Miami."

"The anchorwoman reports that cops arrested one Colombian and three Latins when she means three Cubans. That's so Miami."

I've been listening to these so-called poems for weeks and now I know what poetry is not. An absence of kulchah. That's so Miami.

Apr. 29 2013 09:56 AM
Martha Lorini from NYC

Did I hear this guy right? Did he refer to the Dylan Thomas poem "Do Not Go Gently into the Light?" From which he extrapolated a traffic poem in Miami?

The Thomas poem is, of course, "Do Not Go Gently into the Night."

Apr. 29 2013 09:43 AM

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