The Value of a Neighborhood

Friday, April 26, 2013

GOOD magazine is hoping to create a new holiday: Neighbor Day.  The first Neighbor Day is set for Saturday and is being billed simply as an old-fashioned get together of neighbors. 

We've been talking this week about the importance of getting to know your neighbors.  In Boston in particular, we've heard from residents about the support system their neighbors offered after the bombings there.

But outside the context of a crisis, why is it important to know our neighbors? And how does it help us become a better society?

Peter Lovenheim, author of the book "In the Neighborhood," set out to answer those questions in an intensive study of his own neighborhood.


Peter Lovenheim

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Cassie Jones and Mythili Rao

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Errin Beck from Portland, Oregon

I live in a residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. My family and I have only lived in our house for three years, and we are still building relationships with our neighbors. However, I feel more optimistic now about the sense of community in our area than I did about the neighborhood where I grew up. So, I've actually experienced the opposite of the decline Lovenheim observes.

Apr. 09 2015 04:36 PM
Kristin Ansel from Troy, Michigan

I love my neighbors. We are an extension of family. When the single mom next door needs to run out I babysit her kids and we have a blast. My other neighbor is always cutting my grass just because he feels like it. I would do anything for a neighbor in need and I wish I knew everyone on the block. It makes me feel safe knowing you have people you can count on. We need more block parties.

Jun. 30 2013 07:38 AM
Fred from Brooklyn, NY

After a childhood spent as an Army brat and bouncing from Alaska to North Carolina, Kentucky and Washington DC, I moved to Bushwick Brooklyn over a decade ago and my building of 9 lofts is filled with neighbors who have become part of my New York City family. We have seen each other through breakups, illnesses, the deaths of parents, and through the black-out of 2003 and hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Birthdays are often celebrated together, and friends who visit are often taken aback by how close we are. Many people say this isn't very New York...but I disagree! It's the only way I can imagine living.

Apr. 26 2013 03:58 PM

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