Small Retailers Push Back on Proposed Online Sales Tax

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

At online shopping website Gilt, there are no offices; everyone sits at tables with other members of their team. (Stan Alcorn/WNYC)

The Senate remains poised to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states to require online retailers to collect sales taxes that could add an estimated 11 billion dollars of currently uncollected sales tax revenue.

The bill exempts retailers who have under $1 million in Internet sales, but plenty of small online retailers who will be subject to this new law say it's creates an impossible burden for them.

Katherine Terrill is an ebay seller and Crystal Sidyll is a seller on Etsy, a website where art, jewellery and vintage items are sold.


Crystal Sidyll and Katherine Terrill

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This is for the person who complained that making the payments for every state would be onerous. Maybe so...but...if you are willing to take money from people in those states, you should be wiling to put forth a bit of effort to support the state that those customers live in, otherwise you have an unfair advantage over local sellers. Feel free to not sell to people in those states who make it too much of a hassle.

Apr. 24 2013 04:27 PM
Angel from Miami, FL

"Let's kill* Internet commerce!"

*No government services were harmed during the making of this electronic transaction.

Apr. 24 2013 09:51 AM

Sounds like someone should come up with an App for convenient internet-small business tax collection.

Apr. 24 2013 09:34 AM

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