Deadly Explosion at West Texas Fertilizer Plant

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. Wednesday night rocked a small town just north of Waco, Texas. There are reports of multiple fatalities and hundreds of injuries. The explosion resulted in a massive fire and registered as a 2.1 magnitude seismic event, with people 45 minutes away claiming to have felt the explosion. About half the small town of just 3,000 people was evacuated amid concerns of toxic fumes spreading into the air.

Kate McGee, a reporter for KUT, was at the scene all night.


Kate McGee

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Guy Gold from Austin, Texas

There are number of reasons why employers like Texas-one of them is lax environmental and safety regulations. Of course as a result-major industrial accidents are more likely to happen in Texas than elsewhere:

If you want lower environmental regulations than Texas-a corporation might need to go to some place like Bhopal:

When Perry's Cronies at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality were told the West plant had problems-they did what they always do, cover it up, protect the business, don't investigate. It's likely that only in Texas could homes be built so dangerously close to the factory.

The other reason employers like Texas-contrary to what they say, is that Texas is one of the least educated cities in America, hence the low wage state that leads to the low unemployment rate Rick Perry takes credit for. The statistic that most demonstrates this is US Census Data which shows that although Austin is one of the most highly educated cities in America household income is only slightly higher than the least educated State of Texas (wage difference entirely attributable to a higher high school graduation rate in Austin). Because home prices are so much higher in Austin than the State of Texas-high school graduates financially are better financially in most of Texas than college graduates are in Austin (it's very funny to hear Perry talk about how great Austin is when it's the most liberal city in Texas and tries to do just about everything differently from economic/environmental policy than Perry's economic/environmental polices are adhered to by the rest of the State):

To provide businesses in Texas with cheap energy the State of Texas is willing to have some of the worst air quality in America and a higher death rate from air born pollution than other states:

This is the model Rick Perry promotes when he runs for President.

Apr. 18 2013 12:05 PM

How could ANYONE allow housing development so close to this dangerous plant?????????????????????????

Apr. 18 2013 09:16 AM

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