Scientists Can Now Read Your Dreams, Obama's Budget Coming Up

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

sleeping, dreaming (Toni Blay/flickr)

Decoding Dreams in New Research | Obama's Budget to Be Announced Wednesday

Gun Control and Immigration Reform Snake Through Congress

Two dreamy topics are working their way through Congress right now: gun control and immigration. Any sort of movement on gun control seems unlikely, but that's not exactly the case for immigration reform.

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Thatcher Hate, Expressed in Song

Margaret Thatcher attracted such titles as Tramp the Dirt Down, in which Elvis Constello imagined Thatcher's end in 1983. Morrisey imaginging her on the Guillotine in 1988, and any number of unplayable insults and angry rants came from bands like the Clash, Pink Floyd and Crass. What else did the former British prime minister inspire?

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Decoding Dreams in New Research

In a new study published in "Science," researchers were able to describe the images sleeping dreamers saw by reading MRI scans of their brain activity. Though this work is still in the earliest stages, it could lead the way to better understanding not just what we dream about, but also why we dream at all.

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Airports and Medicare Patients Impacted As Sequestration Cuts Take Hold

Not long ago President Obama warned of the potentially devastating and deeply destructive consequences of allowing the federal government cuts known as sequestration go into effect. About one month ago he signed that order of sequestration and the immediate impact seemed, well, neither immediately devastating nor overwhelmingly painful. However, slowly we are beginning to see the consequences across the country.

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