Gun Manufacturers on Gun Control, Inventing Jobs, the Forgotten Presidents

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

gun shop store (Curtis Gregory Perry/flickr)

A Gun Manufacturer's Take on Tougher Gun Laws | Inventing a Job: Advice from a Doer to a Dreamer | Remembering the Country's Forgotten Presidents

Even Those Closest to Newtown Are Unsure About Gun Control

What do the people closest to the emotional center of the gun debate think of the proposed gun control regulations currently being considered in Connecticut? You might be surprised.

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A Gun Manufacturer's Take on Tougher Gun Laws

On Monday, lawmakers in Connecticut announced plans to overhaul the state's gun laws. Several gun manufacturers have their homes in Connecticut. If the new proposed gun legislation passes, how will it affect their businesses?

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Inventing a Job: Advice from a Doer to a Dreamer

Takeaway listeners told us the jobs they’d invent if they could. We talk with one whose dream involves toilets, and with another who might be able to help her to turn her toilet dreams into reality.

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How Paternity Leave Helps Families and the Economy

Catherine Rampell, economics reporter for our partner The New York Times, wrote a piece for this Sunday's New York Times Magazine that profiles the success of Canada in boosting its economy by incentivizing paternity leave.

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Remembering the Country's Forgotten Presidents

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt: The names and legacies of our country’s greatest presidents are ingrained in the minds of every American. But what of the forgotten presidents?

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The United Nations Approves Global Arms Control Treaty

On Tuesday the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to approve a first of its kind global arms trade treaty. Republican Senators and at least one Democrat immediately condemned the treaty, calling it a "non-starter" and vowing to oppose Senate ratification. And without ratification, it's just another piece of paper.

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