Same-Sex Marriage, Samsung's Massive Development in South Korea, Growing Up Transgendered

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The words "Equal Justice Under Law" are inscribed on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court. (Niel R/flickr)

Reading the Tea Leaves on Same-Sex Marriage | Your Stories of Marriage Delayed — or Bypassed Altogether | Samsung and it's Colossal development in South Korea | Breaking World Records in Pakistan | Boston Clinic Offers Therapies to Halt Pubescent Development of Transgender Youth | First Transgender Contestant on Glee Project Shares His Story | The Legal Implications of 'Performing Race'

U.S. Sends B-2 Bombers on Practice Run Over South Korea

In a frightening escalation of sabre rattling between the United States and North Korea, two nuclear-capable B-2s made a non-stop trip from the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to South Korea — the first time the U.S. military has publicly announced such a mission.

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Samsung Pushes Colossal Development in South Korea

As the North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un continues to exercise his power, South Korea is pushing forward on another, business-related front. The country is home to the world's largest smartphone maker, and its influential economic leader, Lee Kun-Hee.

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Reading the Tea Leaves on Same-Sex Marriage

After several days of arguments, the Supreme Court will now retreat to their respective quarters to decide the fate of Proposition 8, DOMA, and, potentially, the future of marriage as an institution in the United States.

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Breaking World Records in Pakistan

Pakistan has set 23 world records in the past year alone as part of an effort to boost national pride in a country associated with militancy and religious strife. 

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Boston Clinic Offers Therapies to Halt Pubescent Development of Transgender Youth

A clinic at Boston's Children Hospital provides hormone therapy to halt pubescent development among transgender youth, and they are among the first clinics the country to perform this treatment.

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Meet Glee's First Transgender Contestant

As an aspiring singer, Tyler Ford became the first transgender contestant on the Glee Project, the reality show where real people can audition to appear on Glee. Tyler was born female, but never took on that identity, and decided as a young adult to make the transition to become male.

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The Legal Implications of 'Performing Race'

An employer may not judge an applicant by the color of his skin per say, but he or she may find more fault with a black applicant who fulfills certain stereotypes of African-Americans (an applicant who listens to rap music, for example), while a black applicant who seems to fulfill white stereotypes (listening to classical music, perhaps) is likely to be judged in a positive light.

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