Your Stories of Marriage Delayed — or Bypassed Altogether

Friday, March 29, 2013

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We've been talking about changing definitions of marriage and of family across the United States this week. While gays and lesbians fight for the right to marry, increasingly, straight women are delaying marriage or avoiding it altogether. 

Your stories illustrated many changing views of marriage. Amber in Ft. Lauderdale waited till her son was three-years-old to marry his father — her partner of 10 years. "There was no pressure but we decided it was time,” she told The Takeaway.

Earlier this week we took a particularly close look at the growing number of women who are delaying marriage but having children anyway. Anna in Austin reflected that having a child at 19 gave unexpected structure and direction to her twenties, while Joy in Michigan said that though she never married, she believes her daughter will.

The idea of "choice" appeared to be a refrain in your calls. Shannon and her boyfriend in Norman, Oklahoma have chosen not to get married because the institution isn't important to them: "We love each other and that's all that matters,” she told us. 

You can always share your stories with us by calling 877-8-MY-TAKE.

Our Washington correspondent, Todd Zwillich, is filling in as host all this week. Follow Todd on Twitter for the latest from Capitol Hill.

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Ed from Larchmont

Since marriage and family are the building blocks of society, that's bad news.

Apr. 01 2013 05:46 AM

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