Gay Rights and Religion, Cyprus, and the Genetic Info You Didn't Ask For

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Gay Marriage (Getty Images)

Growing Up with Gay Parents | Cyprus Lawmakers Hope for Bailout | The Genetic Information You Didn't Ask For | Are Gay Rights More Akin to Civil Rights or Religious Rights?

Growing Up with Gay Parents

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear two cases on same-sex marriage, Sarah GoginMalina Simhard-Halm, and Kevin Gibson Weinberger talk about their experiences growing up with gay parents and how their notions of family have evolved over time.

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A Lifeline for Cyprus

Early this morning, a deal was done that gives the small island of Cyprus a life line, and it has the financial markets breathing a little easier at the start of the working week. Richard Quest, anchor for CNN International, explains the latest on the financial crisis in Cyprus.


Military Aid to Syria Increases

The New York Times is reporting today that military aid to the Syrian opposition fighters has significantly increased in recent months, thanks in part to assistance from the C.I.A.


For Sale: Supreme Court Seats

Two historic cases on gay marriage Tuesday and Wednesday, and, as you'd guess, the public wants in. But it turns out there are many in line who might not really care what's going on inside.

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The Genetic Information You Didn't Ask For

Is it a doctor’s responsibility to tell you if a disease is written on your genetic code? And if so, do you really want him or her to tell you? Thanks to new guidelines by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, this may soon be a reality for many Americans. Last week, the national organization – made up of genetics specialists – published a report urging doctors who sequence a patient’s full set of genes to also test them 24 genetic conditions, and alert the patient, regardless of the patient’s wishes to know or not.


Are Gay Rights More Akin to Civil Rights or Religious Rights?

Is the fight for gay rights really akin to the civil rights movement? On The Takeaway, a black pastor says yes and a gay scholar says no. What do you think?

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