Finding Work-Life Balance as a Child Caregiver

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monterey Road Child Development Center staff, children, parents & volunteers participate in a parade April 1 to celebrate the Month of the Military Child. (Presidio of Monterey/flickr)

For working parents, achieving this balance means finding the time — and energy — to spend with their children after work. But what if caring for children is a part of your day job? In the third installment of this series, two mothers share their unique perspectives on how to achieve work-life balance.

Judy Hunt is an education director at Hanson Place Child Development Center in Brooklyn, New York. After caring for, and watching over, other people's children all day, she goes home to care for four children of her own. 

And Joyce Burges is a mother of five children who she homeschools. She is also the co-founder of the National Black Home Educators, a resource network that encourages families who are considering home education.


Joyce Burges and Judy Hunt

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Tyler Adams, Arwa Gunja and Kristen Meinzer

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Gary from PDX

I have an immense respect for specifically single mothers as I was raised by one, this comment is not to them; I have been listing all week to all of you “Breeders” kind of complaining about having a tough time balancing family and work.. You made the choice to Breed, you should not expect the rest of the world to work around you for your choice of having children. Some people like my mother had to work to support us, but listening to all of these upper income married breeders whining about who watches the kids or not is ridicules.

Personally I have made the choice not to breed, sure I don’t have kids, but I do get to enjoy all of my disposable income, not disposable diapers 

Mar. 22 2013 01:31 PM
Tom Stanton from New Hampshire

A contrarian point of view: If you decide to have children then it is your responsibility, not others, to fulfill your responsibilities. My liberal leaning is to support my community, but I cannot extend that to folks who feel it is required to over populate without first considering and understanding the consequences.

Mar. 20 2013 03:28 PM
Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

My ex, home schooled the kids till they were six and four years old. There were great home schooling programs in New York, but I felt that the she was hiding out with the kids and demanded that they go to public school. The kids now go to public school and are happy...and that is how my ex became my ex.

Mar. 20 2013 01:23 PM
Barbara from Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

I was so happy to hear Judy Hunt on your show. My child attending Hanson Place Child Development Center from the age of 5 months through 4 years old. As a working parent, I depended on the daycare workers for so much and felt so lucky to have my son there. I could always breathe a little easier at work knowing that he was in good hands. Judy was one of the best teachers my son has ever had. Thanks!

Mar. 20 2013 10:40 AM

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