How the Rumor Plaguing Chuck Hagel Came to Be

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Then-Senator Chuck Hagel arrives at Camp Ramadi for a short visit with U.S. servicemen on July 22, 2008. (Lance Cpl. Casey Jones/U.S. Marine Corps)

President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, has been a tough spot in recent weeks. Politically, his nomination has held up, but his performance in his testimony was received with less than stellar reviews. In addition, rumors have spread that he gave a speech to a group called "Friends of Hamas." But the claim is exactly that — a rumor.

That fabrication has been bouncing around the internet ever since a conservative blogger, Ben Shapiro, reported a story that the White House refused to comment on the allegation. The story was further spread by Shapiro's 40,000 followers. Shapiro's story and the idea that there is a group called "Friends of Hamas" and that Hagel might have given a speech to it, may have had another source. And that source is not happy about how he surmises the rumor came to the surface of the internet.

Dan Friedman says his mention of a hypothetical, fictitious "Friends of Hamas Group" might have set this whole, Hagel, anti-Israel, headache in motion. Friedman reports for the New York Daily News Washington Bureau.


Dan Friedman

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Flic the MIC Chuck Hagel will put the skids on neocons that have put our country on disaster mode. His sure hand in the snake pit of the enemy within will assure the fighting force they are not being had and the nation that it will be protected under the leadership of an American tested by the horrors of war.

For those who watched the confirmation hearing Jan 31, 2013 it was exactly 45 years before that Chuck Hagel was fighting 80.000 North Vietnamese and Vietcong in the Tet Offensive. They lost 45,000 men and the battle that was supposed to win the war for them.

He appeared before discredited neocons that had not been born yet to listen to their insults and put-downs and gave his name, rank, service number and date of birth.

Feb. 22 2013 12:12 PM

It would be nice, if this much attention were devoted to the basic failings of Hagel as a Defense Secretary nominee, or to the basic failure of the Administration's entire narrative on the Benghazi attack. Two subjects that are both of greater importance than the irrelevant blogospheric mistake on Hagel's speechmaking.

Of course one problem with Hagel is that he and the Obama Administration have both been slow to release his basic background information. And so in that vacuum, stories like the erroneous Breitbart story can get some undeserved air.

Feb. 21 2013 12:28 PM

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