Young Abraham Lincoln

Monday, February 18, 2013

In the late 19th century, Civil War themes emerge. Here, a bronze of Lincoln by Augustus Saint-Gaudens stands in a gallery that depicts aspects of slavery and the black experience. (Carolina A. Miranda)

It’s been a big year for Abraham Lincoln -- what with two big budget movies focusing on his life in the past six months and the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation in January.

But let’s be honest about Abe: Lincoln never really goes out of style. One of the most-loved presidents of all time, his likeness graces everything from our currency to the attractions at Disneyland.

Before he was our sixteenth president and the man who kept our union together, however, he was sort of a regular guy who made mistakes and had ambitions. In honor of President’s Day, we’re looking at that other Lincoln, that not-yet-famous Lincoln, with Chris DeRose, author of “Congressman Lincoln: The Making of America’s Greatest President.”


Chris DeRose

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Kristen Meinzer

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Nel from New York

How can I listen to the Lincoln author online? There is no place under his interview to click in order to listen to the interview. Please advise. Many thanks.

Feb. 18 2013 10:19 AM

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