Is the U.S. Drone Program on the Border Worth It?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Migrants Seen by Predator Drone, U.S.-Mexico Border ([image from public domain])

Remote control drone aircraft aren't just sexy futuristic weapons you can find in the movies, they're also a popular American approach to national security and warfare, and they're easy to keep secret and highly controversial.

Essentially a president can take out a target on the ground as easily as, quite frankly, ordering takeout. Drones are finding their way into commercial and civilian applications where their ease of use, secrecy, and popularity all have value.

But drones have been given a role in U.S. border security, watching the movements of illegal immigrants and notifying border patrol agents. Immigration reform measures now before Congress call for increased use of drones. Some, though, are questioning whether they worth the cost and controversy.

Jill Replogle, reporter for the Fronteras Desk out of KPBS in San Diego, discusses the effectiveness of the domestic drone program.


Jill Replogle

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