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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Building in Louisville, Kentucky. (Staci Myers/flickr)

How Far Have Republicans Shifted on Immigration Reform? | Same-Sex Marriage and the Debate Over Immigration Reform | Ad Execs Attempt 'Kick Ass' Rebranding of Kentucky | The End of Muzak | Imagining a Drone Proof City | Can Technology Revolutionize Democracy?

How Far Have Republicans Shifted on Immigration Reform?

Before last November's election, few Republicans supported granting undocumented immigrants a path to legalized status. But then President Obama won reelection and 71 percent of the Latino vote. Have Republicans changed their minds about immigration reform?

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Debate Over Immigration Reform

A new bill in Congress would allow up to 40,000 immigrants in same-sex marriages a pathway to legal residency, but Republicans like Senator John McCain have said that adding "social issues" to the immigration reforms currently being considered is "the best way to derail it."


Republicans Consider Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants

In the first hearing on immigration reform in Congress this week, House Republicans indicated that they are open to a plan that would allow for legacy residency for the some 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country. But they stopped short of agreeing to a plan that would include a pathway to citizenship.

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Ad Execs Attempt 'Kick Ass' Rebranding of Kentucky

A group of ad executives in Kentucky decided it was time to give their state a branding makeover. The state's official slogan is "Unbridled Spirit."  But the "Kentucky for Kentucky" campaign decided it was time for something a little more provocative — like "Kentucky Kicks Ass." One of the executives, Griffin VanMeter, explains how the state has responded.

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Muzak Headed for Bland, Easy Retirement

Many people know Muzak as a catch-all for plain background music, but it's actually the name of a brand and a company. And this week, the company that owns Muzak - Mood Media - had decided to retire the Muzak brand name for good.

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How a Planned City Could Protect Its Citizens from a Drone Attacks

What if protecting civilians from drone attacks was approached as a design challenge, rather than a legal one? Asher J. Kohn, a law student at Washington University at Saint Louis, recently audited an architecture class where he decided to imagine a drone-proof city.

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Tech Has Revolutionized Everything Else — Why Not Government?

John McGinnis, author of "Accelerating Democracy: Transforming Governance Through Technology," explains why he believes the federal government should legalize internet gambling on legislative outcomes, how the government can harness data to test social policy, and much more. 

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