Today's Takeaway | February 4, 2013

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Monday, February 04, 2013

John Kerry's New Job | Guantanamo Judge Orders End to Government Censors in His Courtroom | The Ghosts of Super Bowl Halftime Shows Past | Puppy Bowl IX! | Will VAWA Pass the Senate? | Diagnosing Parkinson's With Some Math and a Phone Call

John Kerry Begins Work as Secretary of State, Facing Iran, Drone War

Experienced as John Kerry is with diplomacy, negotiating foreign policy in regions volatile to the U.S. will not be an easy task. Journalist Stephen Kinzer offers a few theories for how Kerry will confront the crises of the moment, including Iran and the ever-expanding drone war.

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Guantanamo Judge Orders End to Government Censors in His Courtroom

How far can a U.S. government censor go to keep information classified? That's the question surrounding the much-anticipated hearings of Khalid Sheik Mohammed at Guantanamo Bay. Carol Rosenberg, correspondent for the Miami Herald, has been covering the hearings from Guantanamo Bay.

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The Ghosts of Super Bowl Halftime Shows Past

Millions of viewers got to see Beyonce do her thing on the big stage at yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime show last night. But the halftime show wasn’t always a showcase for solo-artists with attitude. Once upon a time, halftime at the Super Bowl meant one thing and one thing alone: Up With People.

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Puppy Bowl!

The Super Bowl may be the most watched television event of the year, but that doesn’t mean that other networks don’t try their best to lure viewers. The most talked-about counter programming to the Super Bowl last night, the ninth Animal Planet Puppy Bowl, garnered millions of viewers.


Will the Violence Against Women Act Pass the Senate?

The Violence Against Women Act, originally passed in 1994, provided billions of dollars to train police, physicians, and others on how to handle cases concerning domestic and sexual violence. But amid the fiscal cliff negotiations, Congress allowed the act to expire. Coming up on The Takeaway, Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich explains how the act may be on its way back.

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Diagnosing Parkinson's With Some Math and a Phone Call

Millions of people around the world suffer from Parkinson’s disease, but not everyone who has the neurological disease has easy access to a diagnosis. Mathematician Max Little has been obsessed with trying to find a simpler way to detect Parkinson’s outside the clinic, and after seven years of work, he may be onto something.

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Families of September 11 Victims Follow Hearings from Guantanamo

For some people watching the pre-trial hearings in the case of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September 11 attacks, there was a simple question: Is that man responsible for the death of my loved one?


Remains of King Richard III Found Beneath Parking Lot

A few months ago British archeologists announced that they'd found what they believed to be the bones of King Richard III beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England. Based on new DNA testing, lead archaeologist Richard Buckley says that they are certain "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the bones belong to Richard III.