From Undocumented Pay to Documented Paycheck

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What would be the economic impact of putting some 11 million people on the pathway to citizenship? And how does one person who has lived his life on the black market come out of the shadows financially?

Carlo Alban is an actor and playwright who starred on Sesame Street for five years, but he did so as an undocumented immigrant. Today, he and his family are documented, and so are his paychecks.

Richard Hujber is an immigration attorney who’s helped clients make the transition from undocumented to documented.


Carlo Alban and Richard Hujber

Produced by:

Kristen Meinzer

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CK from Yorktown

What??? Am I hearing that these people who have come here illegally and used US resources think they should become citizens, no questions asked, no pentalty? They have "contributed" by doing internships? This is the very problem here. Somehow we owe them?
They ARE law breakers. There are millions of legal immigrants here. Why do these people feel the should jump the line, get in without paying taxes (tell me they paid taxes all these undocumented years.) Geeez.

Jan. 29 2013 03:12 PM

Does joining "civic life" mean massively expanding entitlement programs as they crumble along with Social Security as we head to $20 trillion in debt with record unemployment?

"Hint" - Is this really about putting "progressive" political power over the financial health of the nation?

Jan. 29 2013 12:37 PM

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