This Is How Undocumented Immigrants Define Immigration Reform

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Congress and the White House unveil their comprehensive immigration plans this week, and the hopes of over 11 million people hang in the balance. What are their hopes? Are they they optimistic? Anxious? And what’s at stake?

We’ve assembled a roundtable of undocumented immigrants to share their stories.

Victor Palafox was born in Mexico, and came to the United States illegally when he was six. He now lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama, with a work permit. His mother is still undocumented.

Yohan Garcia is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, and came to the Bronx at the age of 15. He's now 25. He's a fellow at the New York Immigration Coalition and student at Hunter College.

Angy Rivera came to the United States from Columbia when she was three-years-old as an undocumented immigrant. She is the columnist of "Ask Angy," the first undocumented youth advice column.

So what do they want? For example, do Angy, Victor, or Yohan believe that they should be penalized for being in the country illegally? Angy Rivera says: "I think that we've contributed since we've come here, through the education system, we've worked as well, we've been in school, we've done internships. I think we've served the same way everyone else has."


Yohan Garcia, Victor Palafox and Angy Rivera

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Wasn't Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) supposed to be on today's show? Didn't John Hockenberry announce yesterday that Menendez would be on the program today to discuss immigration? Was his appearance canceled because of the story that has been simmering in the right-wing blogosphere and which has been seemingly deliberately ignored by the left-wing media: that emails show that the FBI has been investigating Senator Menendez over questions as to whether Menendez engaged in relations with underage prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic?

Was there a decision to not do a Menendez interview? Was it Menendez's decision? Was it The Takeaway's decision? Was it based on any ability or inability to ask questions about the FBI investigation?

Is there a clear, plain-English explanation for the announcement, then cancellation, of the Menendez interview?

Jan. 29 2013 10:02 AM

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