Morsi Attempts to Quench Egyptian Unrest

Monday, January 28, 2013

An Egyptian man walks over a graffiti reading 'Morsi Go' on November 25, 2012 at Egypt's landmark Tahrir square in Cairo. (MAHMOUD kHALED/AFP/Getty Images)

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi pled with opposition leaders in Egypt to help him deal with a new wave of unrest around the country. Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared in areas along the Suez Canal. David Kirkpatrick is a reporter for our partner The New York Times.


David D. Kirkpatrick

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We are told of Morsi "pleading with opposition leaders" but no mention of Morsi's reprehensible anti-semtic comments. Remember when we are told that the Muslim Brotherhood were moderates?
No mention that the Obama administration will add to our 16 trillion dollar debt by sending weapons to the Egyptian government but deep reporting about US citizens at a gun show in the wake of restrictions.

So an "angry Republican" is carefully quoted at a gun show by not the Morsi who will be getting fighter planes and tanks from the Obama administration?

"Wow" indeed.

Jan. 28 2013 11:38 AM

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