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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mali Unrest Spills into Neighboring Algeria | How to Crowd-Source a Story | Foreclosure Filings Fell Three Percent in 2012 | What Would It Take to Stop Texting While Driving? | The Last Four Doctors Who Perform Third-Trimester Abortions

Mali Unrest Spills into Neighboring Algeria

The Islamist uprising in the north African country of Mali continued to escalate yesterday, with hostilities spilling over the country's borders. As many as 20 militants stormed an oil field in Algeria, taking nearly 40 foreign hostages, including American and British citizens. J. Peter Pham, director of the Michael S. Ansari Africa Center at the Atlantic Council, explores the situation in the region.


How Florida Legislators Are Responding to the Newtown Shooting

We've been following responses across the country to last year's string of mass shootings. Our last stop, Texas, focused on the story and activism of Suzanna Gratia Hupp, who said that a mass shooting she witnessed in Texas would have turned out differently had she been allowed to carry a gun.


How to Crowd-Source a Story

The presidential inauguration is less than a week away. But if you don’t have tickets to an inaugural ball or you’re not planning to be out there watching the swearing-in in Washington, don’t worry, we’ve still got a way for you to be part of the occasion. Willy Chyr, founder of Collabowriters, a website that’s crowd-sourcing a novel, shares his advice for curating a crowd-sourced story.

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Foreclosure Filings Fell Three Percent in 2012

Housing industry analyst RealtyTrac released its 2012 Year-End Foreclosure Market Report today. In it is a bit of good news: There was a three percent drop in foreclosure filings in 2012 compared to 2011. So what can we expect for 2013? Daren Blomquist, president of RealtyTrac, explains what this year's report indicates for the future.


What Would It Take to Stop Texting While Driving?

We all know it’s not safe to text and drive. And many states have passed laws to cut down on the practice. But states like Massachusetts are finding that it can be a challenge enforcing these laws. Lt. Victor Flaherty of the West Bridgewater Police works to enforce the Massachusetts anti-texting laws that went into effect in 2010.

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Notre Dame Football Player Reportedly a Victim of an Elaborate Hoax

Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o said during the football season that he was dealing with the death of his grandmother and the death of his girlfriend, but according to reporters at Deadspin, that girlfriend never had cancer, never died, and in fact, never existed. Dave Zirin, a sports writer, has the story.

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These Are the Last Four Doctors Who Perform Third-Trimester Abortions

There are nine states that currently allow third trimester abortions without restriction. And — after the murder of Doctor George Tiller in 2009 — only four doctors in the country perform them. A new documentary, "After Tiller," centers on these doctors, their work, and what they face each day. Lana Wilson is the film’s co-director, along with Martha Shane. Dr. Susan Robinson is one of the four doctors profiled in "After Tiller."

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