Obama Picks C.I.A. Chief, Secretary of Defense

Monday, January 07, 2013

Former senator Chuck Hagel with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. (Glenn Fawcett, Department of Defense/Wikimedia Commons)

President Obama is set to announce two high-profile nominations today. The president is expected to nominate John O. Brennan, his counterterrorism advisor, to lead the C.I.A. The president will also nominate Chuck Hagel, the former Republican senator from Nebraska, as secretary of defense.

David Sanger is following the nominations for our partner The New York Times.


David Sanger

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Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

When the discussion focused on The Pentagon, I feel like I was introduced to a maze, which will be difficult for anyone to navigate through and accomplish anything. I hope whoever has to deal with that jungle, will have a guide and a machete.

Jan. 07 2013 12:45 PM

When did this show begin to refer to the president - only with his last name?
Hockenberry spoke to "Obama's foreign policy" this morning. No responsible journalist would have used to last president's name in this manner. This is not just for "headlines," this disrepectful mannerism indicates the extent to which the "Right's" biased, inaccurate, and rude terminology has seeped into- even- balanced and liberal reporting. You should do better!

Jan. 07 2013 09:37 AM
D.L.McNamara from Brooklyn

Soviet style propaganda.

COME ON- You don't even touch on the opposition to this pick within the presidents own party. The LGBT and Jewish communities, not to happy. It is questionable if the president can even get enough votes within his own party to squeak this nomination through.

National Propaganda Radio = providing only the news we want you to know.

Jan. 07 2013 09:19 AM

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