Who Will Be the NFL's MVP?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Peyton Manning (2009) (Tennessee Journalist/flickr)

There are two standout athletes who are dominating talk about this year's NFL MVP race: the Denver Bronco's quarterback Peyton Manning and the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

After undergoing four neck surgeries, Peyton Manning led his team to the AFC's number one seed spot for the post season. Similarly, after overcoming a significant knee injury, Adrian Peterson ended the season just nine yards short of the NFL single-season rushing record.

So who are these dominant athletes? And which one is the most valuable of all?

SB Nation editor Samuel Chamberlain and Takeaway Sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin join us. 


Ibrahim Abdul-Matin and Samuel Chamberlain

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Keepin' it real from In L.A.

Hey, hey, hey, what in the world is the sports hierarchy up to now? Since Manning screwed up with three turnovers to knock Denver out of the playoffs I've noticed that the writers are playing with us. Anybody see that the writers are now limiting the MVP award to only Manning and Peterson, no other choices. Brady and Rodgers had better years than Manning for starters. And the three QB rookies Luck, RG3, and Wilson can make arguments that they outdid Manning as well.
And you know that argument they have been making to show us how great Manning is, the one where the Colts only won 2 games without him for a difference of 9 (11wins with Manning but only two with QB Painter). Well guess what, Painter was the bottom of the barrel as far as QBs go so the difference looked worse that it should. I've heard Manning insisted the money that should have been spent on a backup QB be spent elsewhere to strengthen the offense, how 'bout that. The true evaluation should be Manning vs his replacement, Luck. Now guess what, Manning was matched by a rookie QB. Matched, by a kid out of college. When Brady was out, his replacement won five, yes five less games and missed the playoffs. The difference, Brady's backup was seen as a legitimate backp and even got picked up as a starter by another team. Painter is out of the league. And lastly, Mannings own boss, John Elway mentioned that Manning earns his money in the regular season but not in the playoffs like Brady does. Another writer clearly explained why Mnning is not in Brady's Class, while several others admitted that the sports writers have a thing for Manning and will always sing his praise over others more deserving (I just want to know why that is). And I would add that Manning has no business to be in the MVP race nice he didn't beat a ingle quality team all year long.

Jan. 16 2013 11:25 PM
Wake Up from AMERICA

Anybody notice that while Manning was getting all the ooos and aaahs from the sports media, that he really only beat teams .500 and under while losing big time to the few winning teams the Broncs payed? And that when he lost the sports media made excuses for him saying he had to learn a new system when he didn't because he brought and installed his own system with no less than three of his Indy buddies.
At the same time did nobody notice that Brady came very close to going undefeated again? Brady lost his first game by one point when he moved his team in position for the win, only to have his kicker miss an easy field goal. Loss #2 was also by one point when the replacement refs called a field goal against the Pats good when it went OVER the upright not inside it. Loss #3 was by 2 points when QB Russell Wilson of the SeaHawks launched a 60 yarded in the closing minute to win it, and the loss to the 49ers seemed sure until Brady came storming back to tie it with 4 consecutive touchdowns only to lose the game when his defense fell apart at the end. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but still the closest team to a perfect season by far ths year. Win or lose, Brady played well enough to win every time, and saved his defense from several other losses by puting up 35 points a game. And all without the services of one of Brady's TEs or the other and a new, makeshift offensive line and the loss of two pro bowl linemen. Anybody know what Manning has over the sports writers or do they just feel that they owe it to him because of how bad they treated his dad years ago, or how bad they feel for him because his little brother has become more successful. I'd really like to know....Anybody know why he gets special treatment? Anybody?
Shouldn't sports writers have to take a test to prove they know what they are talking about or has the MVP Award turned into an emotional vice rational/statistical/factual Award?

Jan. 15 2013 06:17 AM
Press Deception from Another Former Manning Fan

After listening to the press swoon over Manning all year long with his beating up on losing teams (he lost to the winning teams) the Press has decided to pan Manning for his two interceptions and fumble that helped the Ravens send the Broncos packing. Why finally you ask! Because Anning is no longer an interesting story.
They also have jumped on Brady's bandwagon because he passed Montana's record for wins in the post season and is still in the running for the Super Bowl while Manning is not. To bad it's too late to honestly present the facts of Mannings very good year relative to Brady's phenomenal year for MVP consideration. Too bad the press has been pumping up Manning because his comeback from injury is a better story than Brady's assault on the stat record books. Too bad the press are either so uneducated or corrupt in supporting Manning for MVP that true fans get bumb scoop concerning the relative value of Manning over Brady when the true statistics clearly have Brady over Manning, and in a big way. Personally, I would like to see an investigation of the sports writers and their incestuous love feast for Manning, and not only this year but past years as well. Until the writers become accountable for their decisions in supporting Manning over those more deserving, recommend watching the games with the sound off, and avoiding related sports programming all together. Unless of course you like being lied to and played. Congress looked into steroids for baseball, why can't they look into manipulation of the facts/stuffing the ballot box for Manning?

Jan. 15 2013 05:18 AM
Just Manning being Manning from Cerritos

QB A vs QB B for MVP This Season...
QB A has a better completion percentage (by 4%) and more yards per attempt (by .1 yard), and a QBR rating tops in the league (QBR ISN'T weighted based on opponent), and has the love of the sports writers in his corner as well as a top rated defense that bails him out at times, but hasn't beaten any top rated teams except one decimated by injury, and has a history of losing big games by throwing INTs, especially in the post season, as well as a losing record in post season.
QB B has thrown for more yards, scored more TDs, has 62.5% less turnovers, a better TD/Turnover Ratio by 67%, best NFL ratings for DYAR, DVOA and Effective Yard ratings that dwarfed the rest of the league (these are advanced analytical statistics that DO take into account the strength of opponents and other critical items QBR leaves out), also broke the All-Time NFL Record for 1st Downs for a season (this year), and led the league in scoring (this year) by almost 100 points more than his next competitor, and has a history of winning the big games, even in the post season (record holder).

Who would you think the sports writers are pushing for MVP, and praise him endlessly while forgiving his errors while holding other QBs feet to the fire? and do you think the fans are dumb enough to fall for it? That's right QB A, and who is he?
QB A is Peyton Manning who threw 2 critcal INTs in todays loss, while QB B is the QB sports writers are tired of watching break records and make SBs and has in their eyes the perfect life (probably why they are so jealous of him and won't give him the credit he is due), that's right it's Tom Brady. So the next time you hear sports mouthpieces tell you that it's Manning in a runaway like this year, you can bet someone, this year it's Brady, has better stats and is more deserving.
Want the facts, go to..."DYAR" or "DVOA" or "Effective Yards" or "Advanced Analytical Stats" and SEE for yourselves what the sports writers aren't telling you. Statistically, best Manning should be able to even hope for is third, after Brady and Peterson. Don't be used, read up.

Jan. 13 2013 01:07 AM
Bradyonehoppers from Florida

No Brady's defense is 2nd in turnovers and 9th in points per game.they give up a lot of yards but that's because they run up the score and play prevent on D.brady has a lower comp% than manning and Brady throws the dunk and dunk system capitan check down . I remember manning lost to good teams and Brady lost to Arizona and barely beat jags brady throws short to weaker and woodhead all game long takes no chances of course he is goinging to have less ints .bradon loyd lead the league with Kyle Orton and he has two of the best te's in the league with to receivers that have lead the league so don't tell me he has less than manning

Jan. 05 2013 02:37 PM
Batman from La Palma

It's true, two are dominating the MVP talk, unfortunately it's not the same two who are dominating the critical statistics and play on the field. Peterson is a proper candidate but Manning has less yards, fewer TDs than Brady and Brady is #1 in the advanced statistics which are more accurate than QBR. Namely DYAR and DVOA has Brady at #1. Brady also broke the NFL Record fr most 1st Downs in a season, was the only QB to lead his team to score over 500 points (almost 100 points more than Manning) and had a better TD/Turnover Ratio than Manning 4.75 to Mannings 2.85, almost twice as good. And still after crushing Manning in 1st Downs, Points Scored and ball protection, we hear the blowhard press sing Mannings praise at completion percentage (not tops in the league) and yards per attempt (also not leading the league) and nowhere as important as 1st Downs which move the chains and scoring which puts points on the board. Manning may be on the best team but that's because he's got a top 5 defense while Brady is stuck with a bottom 5 defense, yet Brady beat Manning's top five defense while Manning lost to Brady's bottom of the league defense when they played head to head. Mannings losses were convincing, to NE, Atlanta and Houston. Brady's losses were to Arizona due to his kicker having a bad day, to Baltimore when the replacement refs called questionable FG good, to Seattle when after Brady scored what should have been the winning TD, his defense gave up a last minute 60 yard TD pass, and to San Fran when after coming back from 31-3 to tie it, hs defense proved they can't tackle when they needed to. The press has been pushing Manning on us for so long that many have actually started to believe this swill. A great QB yes, yearly and career wise but not MVP at the expense of those who actually deserve it. If I was Mannings dad I'd tell him to act selflessly and turn down the award and give it to the ones more deserving, and thereby go down in history for such an action, gaining the ovation it seems he is looking for.
Batman, and Manning is Robin (robin the MVP from those who deserve it).

Jan. 04 2013 05:53 AM
Todd Vetter from Massachusetts

Manning's story is compelling. It's been encouraging to see him come back and play so well. But there are far better MVP candidates at his position. Brady, for one. Perhaps Griffin or Russell Wilson, but certainly Aaron Rodgers. I'm hard pressed to remember any quarterback putting together back-to-back seasons like Rodgers has done over the past two years. On a team with no running game and with a group of receivers constantly dinged up and inconsistent. And a defense that consistently underperforms. He threw 8 interceptions this year. Double that and imagine where the Packers would be. Most Valuable equates to indispensible and as good as Manning and Brady are, a Packers team without Rodgers doesn't win 6 games.

Jan. 02 2013 09:42 PM
Eye in the sky from Southern California

Why is Manning even in the conversation? Both DYAR and DVOA have Brady rated #1. And they both trump the ESPN Manning biased QBR (doesn't factor in strength of schedule). And Brady lead his team to score over 500 points this year as he has the last five years while Manning hasn't crossed the 500 point mark this year or in the last five. Brady broke the NFL Record for First Downs, and was on track to break the point record for most of the year.
It has been clearly stated that a QB has two responsibilities, protect the ball so you can score more points. Brady turned the ball over 8 times all season, an NFL low for all the top QBs that played all 16 games, while Manning turned it over 13 times. May be why Brady scored almost 100 points more than Manning. And let's face it, scoring points is what it is all about. If you want to argue wins and losses.... Consider that Manning has a top 4 defense while Brady's Achilles heal is his defense which has nothing to do with Brady's performance. Bottom line...Manning wins because of his defense while Brady wins in spite of his. And lastly it has been statistically proven that Manning won two of his MVPs while having inferior stats because the press love the guy. Let's cut the cronyism and give the award to the best performer not the guy loved by the press who has stats less meaningful than 1st downs and points scored. Manning is a great QB, just not as great this year as others, so says the most meaningful stats.

Jan. 02 2013 07:52 PM

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