Movie Date: 'Les Miserables' and 'Django Unchained'

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 01:27 PM

It's Christmas 2012, one of the most highly anticipated movie release days of the year, and Rafer and Kristen are prepared to throw down over two of the big ones: "Les Miserables" and "Django Unchained." Weighing in at nearly three hours each, both are epic in scale...but are they epic in content? Does the campy violence in Django make Rafer cheer? Does the celebrity singing in "Les Mis" move Kristen to tears? And, perhaps, most important...will Kristen be able to convince Rafer to sing on the podcast?

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Rafer Guzman and Kristen Meinzer


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Went to see it last night and was deeply disappointed, possibly because I'd seen at least 3 excellent stage productions of it before. We noticed definite problems with camera work as well as lighting. Camera tracking and jerks may have to do with the fact that they shot each scene with the music/singing instead of separating these actions as is usually done. I was constantly annoyed by not being able to see the eyes of the actors...usually kept in deep in, for nearly everyone..most of the time. Inexplicably, when there was a scene with the sky, it was totally whited out creating an unreal sort of appearance (sure someone thought that was art-y). And yes, the idea of it being part of the French Revolution was historically inaccurate and could have been easily clarified. Victor Hugo would not approve of the re-write on that. If you've seen a great play production of this, don't mess up your memory of it with this movie.

Dec. 27 2012 07:34 PM
Beth from Cold Spring, NY

Les Mis was NOT SET DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. That's why the Revolution context wasn't emphasized. It was set during the June 6 Revolution protesting monarchy rule, after the July Revolution of 1830 had deposed the former king, but instead of another form of government, a new king had been installed.

Dec. 27 2012 04:12 PM
Tony from NYC

Your criticism of Django sucked. You didn't even mention Samuel L. Jackson's performance. You didn't mention the.very strong language that was used. It seems to me, I saw Les Mis and Django, that you altogether missed the entire context of the film. Les Mis could have happened without the French revolution. But American slavery and racism made Django. Jamie Foxx rocked.

Dec. 27 2012 10:11 AM

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