Connecticut Tries to Move Forward after School Shooting

Monday, December 17, 2012

The mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has left the community reeling, and the state's residents are wondering how to move forward. 

Colin McEnroe, host of "The Colin McEnroe Show" on WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, has covered the state for decades. In addition to his work at WNPR, Colin is also a columnist for The Hartford Courant.


Colin McEnroe

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Ed from Larchmont

Is it true as reported that the shooter is a Goth? That's a form of satan worship.

Dec. 17 2012 09:26 AM
Ed from Larchmont

A priest of Polish background told a relevant story here. He went back to Poland to visit the town his family was from. And they showed him around, and at one point showed him the cemetery. He said that he would remember them in his prayers.

Then they showed him the part of the cemetery where children were buried, and he said thank you for showing him this part of the cemetery because he would remember the children in his prayers. And the people said 'No, you don't understand, the children pray for us.'

Dec. 17 2012 08:02 AM

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