The Difference Between Rational and Irrational Fear

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

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What scares you? No, really scares you?  In this age of antibiotics, antiseptics, airbags and anti-virus software, maybe the answer is, not much. But Chris Cerf, co-author of "Encyclopedia Paranoiaca," would like to convince you that there’s still plenty to be scared of.


Christopher Cerf

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Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Skinny Santa in a bubble on the way to our local malls this Christmas...

Truth be told what scares me most is the bureaucratic system...some paperwork that gets screwed up that is impossible to correct. I have been through this. they cannot even get my I.D. correct and I have just about given up.

Dec. 04 2012 10:16 PM
oscar from ny

..oh yeah and humans.

Dec. 04 2012 04:44 PM
Ed Darrell from Dallas, Texas

Mr. Hockenberry disclosed all conflicts of interest, way beyond what would be required, way more than some of the commenters at Fox Networks disclose about their dogs in the fights.

But he should have been tougher on the anti-treaty guy. The guy suggests there is something unseemly about our standing up for Americans with disabilities, and something subversive about asking other nations to live up to our standards.

The phrase "surrender monkey" came to my mind. Not only did the guest waffle on supporting rights for handicapped people in the U.S., he waffled on standing up for America at all.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a milestone in human rights in human history. It's not tough to live with. It's quintessentially American, and anyone afraid of shouting about how well it works, by ratifying a treaty saying those are good rules, is a little "eeewwwww!" in my book.

Good on Hockenberry. Shame on the Senate for bringing shame on the nation.

Dec. 04 2012 03:27 PM
oscar from ny

Cops, politicians, parents, being broke, bedbugs and roaches,drugs "$ometimes" , satan, taxes, not being right...

Dec. 04 2012 03:05 PM
KWR from Michigan

My fear is becoming disabled. My sister has Parkinson-like issues: cannot talk, cannot walk, and cannot control her hand movements. She therefore cannot work (used to be in real estate law) and, because she is only 54, was discharged from a temporary assisted living facility because she is too young. Because she cannot work, she has lost her insurance. Until she has been on disability for two years, she can get no help from Medicare. Until then, what? I find that terrifying.

Dec. 04 2012 01:02 PM

I am really really afraid of the UN is going to make me observe National Pickle Week. Even though I like pickles, and my mother makes pickles, and we tasted pickles in Berlin, and even though the US has laws on the books modeling appropriate Pickle Related Behavior, I am terrified the UN is going to...well, I am just losing it here. Gonna go call Harris to put my mind at ease. Change the subject, you know? Im askert.

Dec. 04 2012 09:59 AM
David from Woodstock, NY

The US is subject to many laws via treaty - drugs for example.

Dec. 04 2012 09:46 AM

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