Today's Takeaway | November 20, 2012

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rusty American flag, poverty A rusty American flag. (Michael Rosenquest/flickr)

Middle East Peace: Past, Present, and Future | Child Poverty on the Rise in the United States | Black Characters (or the Lack Thereof) in 'Lincoln' | Why the G.O.P Should Go Over the Fiscal Cliff | Why Obama Should Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

Middle East Peace Negotiations: There and Back Again

As Hamas and other groups in Gaza continue to launch rockets into Israel, and the Israeli Defense Forces bomb Gaza, in turn, it's hard to remember that there have been moments of reco...

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Child Poverty on the Rise in the United States

Poverty is on the rise in the United States and has been during the last decade, especially among children. Since 2001 child poverty rates have increased by 4.7 percent. Krissy Clark,...

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New Recommendations for Who Should Get Tested for HIV

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, an independent group under the Department of Health and Human Services, published new guidelines suggesting that just about everyone between...


What's the Likelihood of a Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas?

Freelance reporter Noel King reports from Egypt on the prospect of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.


Why Obama Should Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

Some Republicans, including columnist Marc Thiessen, say their only negotiating tactic is to let the United States go over the fiscal cliff. But New Yorker staff writer John Cassidy s...

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