What Does Legal Marijuana Mean for Washington and Colorado?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The legalization of recreational marijuana use in Washington and Colorado has raised a number of big questions about the social, legal, and economic implications. What are people saying on the ground in these states? And how has this change already altered attitudes toward marijuana? 

Dominic Holden is news editor for The Stranger in Seattle, Washington. He has been following this issue closely, and wrote an article entitled "It's Not About the Stoners." 

Bonnie Dahl owns a head shop called The Fitter in Boulder, Colorado, along with her twin sister Betty. The Fitter is something of a Boulder institution, and has been so since it was established in 1973.


Bonnie Dahl and Dominic Holden

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Maggie Penman and Mythili Rao

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May. 20 2014 07:22 AM
Bill Uhlig from Clatskanie

The rip snorting laughable part of this report was the "concern" expressed that the newly legal pot would "leak" into adjacent states. Or the vast problem of keeping tax free medical marijuana from "leaking" into the recreational side. How ANYONE can even talk about such nonsense without fully acknowledging the FACT that marijuana is completely available to anyone who wants it right now. Facts on the ground have so far outstripped public policy on the drug that anything short of simply giving up and letting people do whatever they want with pot - the facts on the ground right now - is pure folly. You can't tax it into a cash cow when there's a thriving underground market that can always surpass your quality, availability and price point.

May. 09 2013 02:01 PM
M. Khan from Dallas, Texas

No government anywhere in the world should have the right to declare anything illegal that grows in nature naturally. If someone is stupid enough to smoke a plant or inhale any chemical is not the fault of the plant or chemical. When government makes it illegal then the government essentially raises the price and creates more crime. Repeated in depth education in schools about these plants and chemicals is the best way to combat abuse of drugs.

Nov. 13 2012 01:10 PM
Ben from MA

I'm a Marine Corps veteran who suffers with PTSD. I smoke pot to help ease my anxiety and help with depression. I'm happy to see these long strides moving away from the war on drugs. I wish the American public would get rid of the negative stigma on a plant.

Nov. 13 2012 11:25 AM

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