It's Time for Independents to Choose

Monday, November 05, 2012

For months, the Takeaway has been checking in with independents and undecideds, seeing where their crucial votes will land. They've seen the political landscape shift with each ad, each debate, and now, a natural disaster. There are some who haven't made up their minds, and there's not much time left.

We're following up with AJ Dellinger from Wisconsin, Julia Pfaff from Virginia, Kim Lobe and Rick Robol of Ohio, Horacio Soberon-Ferrer of Florida, Barbara Dymond of New Hampshire, and asking them where their internal needle landed.

Kim Lobe, a registered Republican who voted for Barack Obama four years ago, says she will be voting for Governor Romney on Tuesday, and that little has happened in this election cycle to change her mind. "I think the things that have happened have probably made me feel even better about my voting for Mitt Romney," she says, adding, "I'm predicting a big Romney win tomorrow, by the way." 

Julia Pfaff, though also somewhat disappointed in Barack Obama's last four years as president, says she doesn't want to reward Republicans for their obstructionist behavior in Congress. "While I don't feel that President Obama has been as strong a leader as I would've wanted him to be, I do think he has accomplished things," she says. "I'm afraid that if Romney gets elected, then we reward the Republicans, which then tells the Democrats that that behavior works… It's the last four years all over again, only with the part of the Republicans being played by the Democrats, and the part of the president being played by Romney." 

Rick Robol agrees that the politicking is the root of the problem. "We need to get rid of these things that are creating professional politicians who run the country for the purpose of getting themselves reelected," he says. "We need to get rid of this notion that money is the same thing as free speech, and that there should be unlimited spending for political advertising." In spite of these fundamental issues Robol has with the political system, he's leaning toward Obama for Tuesday. 

Horacio Soberon-Ferrer is very much in Romney's camp. While he thinks there is a kernel of truth in Julia Pfaff's analysis, that a vote for Romney might reward the bad behavior of Republicans in Congress, he thinks Romney would do a better job of reaching across the aisle. 

But Barbara Dymond is thinking Obama, in part because of Mitt Romney's positions on women's rights. "I get this definite impression that if he had things his way, women would be at home cooking and cleaning and having dinner on the table for their husbands when they get home." 


AJ Dellinger, Barbara Dymond, Kim Lobe, Julia Pfaff, Rick Robol and Horacio Soberon-Ferrer

Produced by:

Brad Mielke and Jillian Weinberger

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kelly dixon from oklahoma

I think that Obama should create the Secretary of Business as he suggested, appoint Romney, as a gesture across the aisle and acknowledging his business savy. Romney should check his ego and join the team. Can't think of a better way for our leaders to lead and to help bring this country together for the common good.

Nov. 08 2012 09:12 AM
Angel from Miami, FL

I'm an independent and I did not vote for Romney.

When reporters and surveys talk to "independents" are they just talking to Republicans that SAY they're undecided but secretly vote Republican?

PS: Romney seemed like a good choice, on his resume. A moderate who could work with partisans. But once that primary kicked in all of a sudden he's wearing a cloak and blue lightning began sparking from his fingertips.

Nov. 07 2012 01:41 PM

kudos to the observations re not rewarding obstructionist behavior.
this one of my bottom line considerations.
my concerns about congressional tit for tat are identical.

Nov. 05 2012 03:16 PM
Katherine Jackson from LES

How can you think we are STILL interested in "the independent voter"??????? We have had months of hearing about/from such people. Maybe after tomorrow we can start hearing about people with some more interesting thoughts than "a", "b" and half-way between. Oh yes, and "a pox on both their houses," another option media hosts love because takes them off the hook about committing themselves to anything, especially an uncomfortable truth. This is a totally reductive view of American political thinking, and it's not giving us a useful idea of the state of things on the eve of the election. We've heard these views ad nauseam. Maybe Wednesday, some more imaginative programming can start????

Nov. 05 2012 03:12 PM
Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

I guess what this election made me think about is "What do the 'One Percent' want? I understand they have wealth and power and they want to hold onto it. I don't see how cutting Big Bird gets them any more of wealth or power. Don't they want their toddlers to learn the alphabet with fuzzy muppets?

I truly wish the "One percent" happiness with what they have. Maybe they'll kick in for some beers for the party tomorrow night.

I don't know who will win, but someone is going to be my President tomorrow and I'm getting drunk.

Nov. 05 2012 02:12 PM
Jim Nyman from Portland, OR

On today's program a teacher made a comment that it bothered her that Obama made a comment in one of the debate's that he (Obama) hadn't look at his 401 k. Didn't it bother her that Romney has also said we don't need more teachers.

Nov. 05 2012 01:43 PM
John from Corvallis, OR

I voted for Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Governor. Oregon doesn't matter as far as the natioal campaigns go, so I want to send a message. The two party system must die.

We need new and different voices. I want to see a "Christian Right" candidate debating with a candidate from the actual "Socialist Party".

All of the media have ignored all of the Libertarian, Green, Progressive, Etc partices during this campaign because they're "Not viable candidates" Are they not viable becuase they don't get coverage and no one knows about them??

Nov. 05 2012 01:26 PM
Kip from Portland, OR

Electile Dysfunction

Posted on November 3, 2012

Only three more days
Say hello to the new boss
Same as the old boss

Nov. 05 2012 01:12 PM
Mass. voter

The schoolteacher for Romney says she hopes he will bring his success as Governor of Ma. to the country as a whole. I wish SOMEONE would challenge that statement when it is made. Under Romney Ma. was 47th in the country in job creation.

Nov. 05 2012 12:13 PM
Mass. resident from Somerville

To the private-school teacher who said she thinks Romney would be a good president because he was a good businessman " ... and a good governor": HE actually was not a great governor. His method of governing was to raise fees and slash all state programs, which forced the towns to raise property taxes AND lay off teachers and first responders. Mass. public schools have only just recovered from Romney's cuts in the past few years thanks to a Democratic governor and Obama's stimulus money (both ARRA and now Race to the Top).

There's a reason Mass. is NOT supporting Romney ... and it's not because we're a traditionally blue state. We know he lies. Though I never knew how quickly he could change his positions back to "moderate" till this fall! ROMNEY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Nov. 05 2012 11:17 AM
Gary from Upper Left Side

Let's do a review of the Obama Administration:

Promise: Close Gitmo. Reality: Gitmo is STILL open for business.

Promise: Healthcare reform. Reality: 50M people STILL don't have coverage; premiums skyrocket by 32% in 2 years for those with insurance while benefits are reduced.

Promise: Financial reform. Reality: Dodd-Frank Law only stops the most egregious banking practices; credit card rates still at usury levels.

Promise: Prosecute those responsible for housing scandal. Reality: NO ONE has been even indicted by the DOJ, let alone prosecuted and convicted. NO ONE !!!

Promise: Immigration reform. Reality: More "illegals" deported than under Bush.

Fun Fact: Obama nominates tax evader for Secretary of Treasury (IRS is a division of Treasury).

Fun Fact: Obama wins Noble Peace Prize while dropping bombs on Afghanistan.

Fun Fact: Anti-Wall Street rhetoric in the morning, then Obama appears at Wall St. fundraiser later in the day.

Fun Fact: Goldman Sachs is Obama's largest campaign contributor.

Fun Fact: Rate of foreclosures accelerated from January 2009 to January 2012.

Fun Fact: Banks have the widest profit spread in U.S. history (banks borrow money at 0%--Fed Funds Rate set by government--but lend at 29.9% (e.g., credit card rates).

Fun Fact: "Proposal" (no law yet) for 2-yr reprieve on illegal immigrants b/w 16 and 31 years old that requires registering with I.C.E., which is really a way to "smoke 'em out" and find them for future deportation after 2-yr reprieve has expired.

Final Grade: F

Nov. 05 2012 11:00 AM
Carolyn Sondergeld Smith from Islamorada, Florida

I was so glad to hear Rick Robel's take on the election and Washington politics in general. Please listen to his cry. Something needs to be done! I couldn't agree more!

Obama voter.

Nov. 05 2012 10:30 AM
Mercedes Batista from West Village

Obama would said "Bring me some binders full of women". Give me a break, you are so full ...

Nov. 05 2012 10:04 AM
Joyce Anderson

I get so frutrated listening to some comments. Doesn't anyone pay attention during the last four years or do they just listen during the last month. Did they not hear the Republicans state in 2008 that their only goal was to see that Obama would not be re-elected in four years? I have heard Obama criticized as trying the first year to try too hard to meet with Republicans for they stuck to their goal and wouldn't budge on much of anything. Politicians can't speak the truth for we the American public don't want to hear the truth - only the easy platitudes. "I will make it better, I will produce jobs, I will best China" but no one tells us how they will do it! I'm voting for Obama - again - but wish I could throw out most of Congress!

Nov. 05 2012 09:30 AM

"Thoughtful analysis" from the professor?!?

Ever heard of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who refused to produce a budget after spending trillions, pushed through Obamacare and deliberately used the debt ceiling for political reasons and defamed anyone who opposed their tactics? Reid refused to even call a debate for cut, cap and balance and has made incredible accusations against Romney and his taxes which have been debunked. Is that obstructionist?
This is not thoughtful analysis but a distorted view of recent history.

Nov. 05 2012 09:19 AM
Hell's Kitchen from Manhattan

A teacher for Romney! That's rich. Oh, wait--a private-school teacher. Well, I guess she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Nov. 05 2012 09:11 AM
bernie from bklyn

as a voter, if you say that mitt romney can solve the jobs crisis because he was a successful bun=sunessman then you're an idiot.

Nov. 05 2012 09:11 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Chief Justice Roberts told us that if we didn't like the new health care law, we should vote for different legisators. This is our chance. As it stands, pending litigation, the health care law would force Catholic hospitals and charities and educational institutions to close. One out of six hospital patients is in a Catholic hospital. Is that what we want? The government can't afford to step in and fill the gap. Will this help the poor?

Nov. 05 2012 08:39 AM

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