Receiving Patients and Evacuating Hospitals Amid Superstorm Sandy

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The backup generator at Langone NYU Medical Center unexpectedly failed last night and hundreds of critical care patients needed to be moved fast. 
The transfers were among the most dramatic moments as the superstorm Sandy's full wrath was unleashed on New York City. They rippled through the city where other hospitals opened their doors to take incoming patients who they were told in some cases minutes ahead of time they needed to care for. 

Brian Dorothy is one of the chief residents of medicine at St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospital. He started to receive patients last night and they haven't stopped. 

Heidi Bochain's son Leif was one of the premature babies that had to be moved from NYU's Langone Medical Center ICU last night when the backup generators failed.


Heidi Bochain and Brian Dorothy

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