Cuba to Ease Foreign Travel for Citizens

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Santa Clara, Cuba (Alex Johnson)

For decades, Cubans have needed exit visas to travel out of the country. It's a separate document from a simple passport that restricts travel and it's enormously unpopular in Cuba. They're generally difficult to obtain and they're expensive. 

But not anymore. The Cuban government has announced that they will no longer require exit visas to leave the country. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford has been reporting on this development from Havana.


Sarah Rainsford

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"This notion of talent theft is actually quite real"
Of course, human beings in Cuba are the sole property of the Cuban state. Utopia in a nutshell.

What did the Democratic Party inspired Fugitive Sale Act of the 19th Century say about talent theft?

"“I stand before you today a thief and a robber. I stole this head, this body, these limbs, and ran off with them.”
Fredrick Douglass

Oct. 16 2012 10:58 AM

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