White Virginians Voice Concerns Over Mitt Romney

Friday, September 14, 2012

If there are two populations that the Republican Party knows how to mobilize, it's white people and Southerners. 

But a recent Reuters article has found that some white voters in Virginia have concerns over Mitt Romney's wealth and religion. These concerns may prove especially important as the typically red state has emerged as one of the election's most important swing states. 

Putting a voice to these polls is voter Sheryl Harris, speaking with The Takeaway from her home in Lynchburg, Virginia. As the heart of the Evangelical movement, one might assume that Lynchburg is a safe bet for the GOP. But Harris says you'd be surprised. "I don't see how somebody that's worth $250 million could possibly relate to someone who makes less than $30,000 a year."

Margot Roosevelt, a reporter for Reuters who spoke to Harris and many other voters in the Bible belt for her article, confirms this: "We found in our poll that 38 percent of white median and low-income voters in the Bible belt say that they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who is very wealthy." 

In addition to concerns about Romney's wealth, Harris also says that many members of her community are uncomfortable with his foreign policy, and even more importantly, his religion. Roosevelt agrees with this perception as well, saying that in spite of Romney's opposition to same-sex marriage, many Evangelicals are still very put off my Romney's Mormonism. "Many Evangelicals have a long history of seeing Mormonism as a cult. In fact, many Evangelicals that I spoke to seem to think that Mormonism is still a polygamous religion."

In spite of these doubts, Roosevelt still thinks that this area will go Republican. But perhaps "not as enthusiastically as Mitt Romney needs."


Sheryl Harris, Stephanie Parrish and Margot Roosevelt

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Angel from Miami, FL

In high school terms, Romney wants desperately to be one of the "mean girls". He could easily be a Jack or Bobby or even a Ferris Bueller. Cool and rich but accessible and "can do no wrong". He was probably on his way there as govenor. But Mitt enjoys being seduced by the the mean kids who rule the school through fear and manipulation. But everyone knows you can get more energy from kids smiling and laughing than from their incessant crying.

Where does Ryan fit in the above metaphor? Well, every school has its Tracy Flick.

Sep. 14 2012 10:23 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Saying that Mitt Romney doesn't understand middle class or poor people is an easy charge to make. I'm sure he was made aware of them as governor of Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in terms of money for the poor.

Sep. 12 2012 08:02 AM

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