Sandra Fluke Speaks Out on 'War on Women' in Charlotte

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sandra Fluke at a campaign event with President Obama in Colorado in 2012. (Jim Watson/Getty)

There have already been dozens of references to a Republican 'war on women' at the Democratic National Convention this week. Conservatives have denied that such a war exists. If it does, then there is already one clear victim: Sandra Fluke.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a 'slut' after she testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the need for insurance-covered contraception. 

Sandra Fluke spoke last night at the Democratic National Convention.


Sandra Fluke

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Michelle from Aurora

Guess what George?! You know who needs condoms? Seniors in the popular retirement community "The Villages" they have one of the highest rates of STD's in the country! Thank you Sandra!

Sep. 13 2012 12:29 AM
George Eshliman from Georgia

This is directed to Sandra Fluke and deals with her ridiculous stance about dispensing condoms as a "freebie" by medical care insurers. There are MANY senior citizens who need eyewear, dental work, and hearing aides; none of which are covered by Medicare and can be a big expense for those on fixed incomes. These people have "paid their dues" over whatever time of their working career. Now this gal comes along with her stance that is more intelligently served by her audience paying for their own damned contraceptives or by the guys keeping it in their pants and the ladies keeping their legs crossed. None of which are a financial burden to our tax paying citizens.

Sep. 08 2012 03:14 PM
George Eshliman from Georgia

Points that can be fact checked? Where in isolation might you be? NBC News even did some fact checking following B.O.'s disertation and found distortions and outright lies! Wake up, Dude.

Sep. 08 2012 02:57 PM
larry fisher from brooklyn n.y.

The republicans have had every opportunity to come up with a platform and a program,instead they decided to puff out their chests and walk the plank. I hope their followers are wearing blindfolds as they go off the deep end.
Every speaker at dnc has made points that can be factchecked...the republicans should consider careers in championship wrestling

Sep. 06 2012 01:59 PM
Mariah from Portland, OR

I think it's funny that you think people are really choosing between the DNC and a sports game. Most of my fellow millenials don't even own TVs! We follow the news (and sports) through other means, including streaming NPR.

Sep. 06 2012 01:22 PM

Please explain the notion, quite apparently conscious and explicit on the part of The Takeaway, that Sandra Fluke is a "victim." If she is a victim, it is because she is a professional victim.

She has been a social activist for all of her adult life; she is now in her 30's. She chose to attend Georgetown Law School, an acknowledged Jesuit institution, where she promptly tried to upset the status quo on health care policy relating to elective contraception. She CHOSE to create a political case, over what would likely have been a $17/mo. personal expense.

Sandra Fluke and her Democratic friends in Congress chose to create political theatre around her -- all before Rush Limbaugh ver hear her name or knew of her existence.

And since then, Sandra Fluke has been basically a professional full time operative of the Democratic National Committee; touring, doing speeches, appearing at fundraisers, and now a featured voice at the convention, as a tuneup for what I GUARANTEE will be a run for public office.

And yet The Takeaway expects its audience to accept Sandra Fluke as "victim."

What a perfect example of a crafted message, passed off as "news," designed to spoon-feed a liberal public radio audience with the sort of agitprop they have come to expect.

No liberal bias in public radio? Give. Me. A. Break.

This is laughable. Nice interview, John Hockenberry. You really went after the tough questions on this one.

Sep. 06 2012 09:42 AM
Amy from Denver

Because it is more that birth control, it helps women for a vast number of medical condition. My question is why should I pay for any man's vigra which insurance companies have been covering for years when the only purpose for that is sex.

Sep. 06 2012 09:30 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Why should I pay for Ms. Fluke's promiscuity and its consequences?

Sep. 06 2012 06:02 AM

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