Women React to Ann Romney Convention Speech

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mitt Romney and his wife Ann greet the crowd gathered at election night headquarters inside the Tampa Convention Center. (Paul J. Richards/Getty)

First lady hopeful Ann Romney took to the podium last night at the Republican National Convention.

After a tough struggle for the GOP with women voters over the past few weeks, following controversial comments from Republican Congressman Todd Akin, has Ann Romney emerged as a new national figure for women?

We get reactions to Ann Romney's speech from Jennifer DeJournett, president and co-founder of Voices of Conservative Women; Renee AmooreDeputy Chair of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee; and Joyce Kimball, a 76-year-old who has voted for a Republican in every election since JFK — but now considers herself an independent.


Renee Amoore, Jennifer DeJournett and Joyce Kimball

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Gail E. Zimmer from Fair Lawn

Only in America! A friend in Australia was watching the convention on PBS, and I have to wonder what people in other countries are thinking about our need to have a presidential candidate's wife tell us what a nice guy he is! Is that a qualification for world leadership? If so, I guess that proves American exceptionalism, but I considrr that a 20th century concept that will lead to our ultimate downfall.

Aug. 30 2012 09:53 AM

The Demacratic party is a party. A Demacrat is a person. Stop letting people from the repubilcan party get away with calling the party the demacrat party. It's a matter of respect. They talk about respect and compromise. But disrespects a party that they have to work with. The host should not let this happen. That's why I'm and Inedpendant...

Aug. 29 2012 04:25 PM
Judith from Brooklyn

Abortion access IS an ECONOMIC issue and that's one reason why the Republican party's position is so repugnant to women. Without access to health care, child care, and equal pay - all things Republicans have cut and denounced - women cannot get ahead economically.

Aug. 29 2012 03:18 PM

Why do the comments of an obscure Congressman who has apologized and been solidly repudiated by his own party carry so much more weight than the sitting President's past vote regarding late term abortion which stands without apology or repudiation from his party?
Is that "a completely bizarre fringe position" or is the extremist charge all one way according to the media narrative being peddled to the public?

Aug. 29 2012 11:13 AM

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