New Orleans Resident Documents the Storm

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(John LaTier)

As Humvees rolled into New Orleans yesterday and officials urged Gulf Coast residents to leave their homes, you couldn’t help an eerie sense of familiarity. The details are similar: Katrina hit the gulf coast exactly seven years ago today.

The fears are familiar, as well: the fears of floods, looting, and the vulnerability of a large homeless population.

John LaTier was not there for Katrina. The filmmaker and photographer came from Sacramento to film the chaos two weeks after the city went underwater and he never left.

Hurricane Isaac rocks a ferry in New Orleans, a little before midnight on August 28, 2012.

New Orleans ship The Natchez on Tuesday night, August 28.

Sideways rain on Tuesday night, August 29.

Preservation Jazz Hall sign, barely hanging on.

Discovered Dr. Love hiding out from the storm in Jackson Square.

Dr. Love’s bike.

Dr. Love with the last bits of belongings he was allowed to keep.

Setting the tone for the seriousness at hand: first Humvee sighting.

Jackson Square - the hurricane parties have long begun.

Calm before the storm.


John LaTier

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Ben Bradford

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