Carl Hiaasen on the Effect of the GOP Convention on Florida

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tampa Bay skyline reflected on the Hillsborough River (Rob Shaw/flickr)

All week, Tampa Florida has been at the epicenter of national politics as it hosts the Republican National Convention. But after the hurricane dies down and the final GOP members leave Tampa at the end of the week, what effect will it all have had on Florida come November? 

Carl Hiaasen is a bestselling novelist and columnist for the Miami Herald.

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"The animosity towards Congress - the venom towards Congress exists in Florida.. I don't think John Boehner is going to get a ticker tape parade anywhere in Florida"
"That's for sure".

Speaking of "political trivia" Harry Reid has also been a leader in the US Congress for four years longer than John Boehner and wielded much more influence.

Reid makes Boehner look like the very epitome of compromise, decency and responsibility considering Sen. Reid's baseless accusations, crass political plotting and no production of a budget in over three years while authorizing the spending of trillions of dollars.
With such "animosity towards Congress" shouldn't the public be reminded of Senate Majority Leader Reid's checkered record since the control of the US Senate is in play this election season?

Is this how a misleading political narrative is weaved?

Aug. 29 2012 10:45 AM

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