Immigration Policy in the Romney White House

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thousands of applications are expected to pour in today from young people hoping to get work permits, despite the fact that they're undocumented immigrants. President Obama's executive action to defer deportation of some young immigrants who were brought to the United States before they were sixteen could grant deferrals to over 1.5 million undocumented residents under the age of 31.

The program is slated to last for two years. But what would happen if Romney were in the White House?

Jordan Fabian, politics editor for Univision, notes this isn't the first time Mitt Romney has been coy about his position on immigration reform. But with his selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate, the Republican ticket will have to make its position known soon.


Jordan Fabian

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Approximately one-half hour after my post in this comments thread, at the top-of-the-hour news summary, John Hockenberry did run the actual audio of the comments by Biden. With what I think was devastating effect. And substantially puttig the lie to any notion that Biden was trying to make a statement about the middle class. "Middle class" was John Hockenberry's apparent attempt to help walk back the Biden remarks. "Middle class" was not Biden's characterization.

So I am gratified by that much.

Still, if a Republican V.P. candidate had made such a remark, I know perfectly well that it would have been a lead story on The Takeaway and a dozen other NPR/PRI/APR/WNYC/WGBH/WHYY newstalk programs. Please don't pretend that it wouldn't; we can ask Trent Lott about that.

Aug. 15 2012 11:25 AM

What an astonishing editorial array of stories today on The Takeaway.

Near*-complete ignorance of the ghastly and explosive Biden statement on the campaign trial in Virginia, which has now been specifically adopted by Obama's campaign leadership!

Instead, fluff stories on national parks, Facebook and (fulfilling the Obama Agenda for the day) numerous stories on Obama's quasi-illegal executive branch modification of immigration policy.

*John Hockenberry didn't just ignore the Biden story. The Takeaway failed to play the Biden audio, showing Biden saying "Y'all are going to be put back in chains!" to a mostly-black audience. Hockenberry substantially mis-reported the story by supplying Biden with the idea that Biden's reference was to "the middle class," when no such words were used by Biden.

On the Detroit broadcast of The Takeaway, WDET reporters noted during a break that Biden is now trending on Twitter. It must have taken some conscious effort on the part of The Takeaway's producers to ignore the story.

One look at the home page of The Drudge Report is instructive in this case.

Aug. 15 2012 08:34 AM
Ed from Larchmont

I can't check this out, but I heard on TV that the Obama Administration has deported more Hispanics than any administration since the Eisenhower Administration, and broken up families in doing so. This isn't his image, but it might be the reality. Not a friend of Hispanics.

Aug. 15 2012 08:14 AM

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