Gunman Kills 6 at Sikh Temple Shooting

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday morning, police responded to 911 calls of shooting during worship at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Details are still emerging from yesterday’s events, but here’s what we currently know: A gunman killed six members of the church and wounded three, including a 20-year veteran police officer, with whom he engaged in fire. Another police officer shot the gunman, who has since been confirmed as dead. The three wounded, including the injured police officer, are in the hospital but are expected to survive.

This is the second mass shooting in a month, following the theater shooting in Aurora in July. Oak Creek Police Chief Edwards has called the Sikh temple shooting an act of "domestic terrorism." It’s also the latest act of violence against the Sikh church, a church that’s been victim of numerous hate crimes since September 11.

Chuck Quirmback is a Milwaukee-based reporter who’s been covering the events, and Paul Johar is the chair of the Sikh Art and Film Society’s annual film festival.


Paul Johar and Chuck Quirmback

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In response to your texted question...

The Aurora shooting took place at a quintessentially American pop culture event, the midnight premiere of a blockbuster movie, a place than any friend or family member could be. Most Americans don't see themselves in a Sikh place of worship.

And it took place during the Olympics. With that in the news, the media had little time for another big story, no matter how tragic.

Aug. 06 2012 04:45 PM

Some good questions for The Takeaway to follow up on over the coming days:

1. Did the Oak Creek gunman use a so-called "assault rifle"?
2. Did he employ any unusual high-capacity magazines?
3. Did he purchase any unusually large amounts of ammunition?
4. Did he exploit any so-called "gun-show loopholes"?
5. Did he have, and/or disclose, any past history of mental illness or criminal behavior, particularly in connection with his purchase of any firearms?
6. Did he possess a permit to carry a concealed weapon?
7. Was the shooter wearing body armor of any kind?

These were all questions that were loosely posed by those on the anti-gun and anti-NRA left, in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shooting. And the only unusual feature of that shooting, from the perspective of the firearms used, was a single high-capacity (100-rd.) magazine, which may or may not have malfunctioned in the process. Gun rights advocates (rightly) pointed out that fact, and that no other gun law prohibitions would have had much of an impact in that case, nor would they have prevented such an event in the future. The gun rights advocates appear to have been essentially correct, with respect to their discussion of the interface of a law like the old assault weapons ban, and how it would have meant nothing with respect to the Oak Creek shooting.

Aug. 06 2012 09:35 AM
Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Humans need to learn how to do a better job at dealing with their anger. Enough is enough.

Eventually, kids will be required to take a class on Non Violent Communication. We all have a responsibility to teach each other how to express rage without acting out...

So sad

Aug. 06 2012 08:50 AM

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